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Supporters with disabilities or impairments

Your new Season Stadium Access Cards for you and your Personal Assistant (if granted) will be valid for all 19 home Premier League games.

Applications for away matches will be dependent on availability. You can apply online via your personal account.

Your season ticket access cards are only valid when YOU, the registered supporter with access requirements attend the game. The personal assistant card will be invalid if you do not attend and they will be refused admittance. You are also reminded that you must enter with your Personal Assistant and entry will be refused if they try and enter without you.

One Hotspur Season Stadium Access Cards are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable and are only valid when used by the named One Hotspur Season Ticket holder or Member to whom they are registered.

If for any reason you are on holiday or unable to attend any home games, please see information via our information portal Ask Spurs: -

Please note that your season ticket access cards cannot be transferred to your personal assistant or a third party to enter the stadium.

If your personal assistant would like to attend the fixture without you, they would need to purchase a match ticket prior to the game (subject to availability). Please contact the Access Team on 0208 3655161 or email

You are allowed one personal assistant to assist you with your requirements during the course of your time within the Stadium, unless you have prior agreement with the Access Team

The PA is admitted free of charge and therefore is responsible for the care and assistance of the supporter with access requirements always.

You are responsible for the behaviour of your personal assistant at all times and any breach of either the ticketing Terms and Conditions or Ground Regulations by your personal assistant may result in immediate ejection and/or loss of your season ticket.


The Club reserves the rights to suspend or withdraw your season ticket without compensation or reimbursement if you the holder or your personal assistant are in breach of any of the above Terms and Conditions.    Anyone found using an accessible season ticket fraudulently will be banned indefinitely from the stadium.

We would also ask you to share this information with your personal assistant to enable them to fully understand these Terms and Conditions and to ask them to be mindful of the area you are situated in and wherever possible, personal assistants should remain seated. It must be emphasised that a personal assistant is granted free access solely to assist with your requirements and not specifically to watch the match.


These Terms and Conditions are in addition to our general ticketing terms and conditions and are for supporters with access requirements.

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