Can I buy a ticket? How many tickets can I buy?

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One Hotspur members get priority access to tickets during member-only priority sales windows and via Ticket Exchange (both subject to availability and at a rate of one per membership). 

On-Sale Dates

* Note, Ticket Exchange & Ticket Share is not available for UEFA matches.

Not a One Hotspur Member: 

If you are not a One Hotspur member, it will not be possible to purchase a ticket for a game whilst it remains on sale to members only. 

If a game reaches Guest sale and you know a member who is also attending the game, they will be able to purchase a guest ticket for you to use.

If a game reaches General sale, you will not require a membership to purchase tickets.


Buying a ticket for a One Hotspur member:  

One Hotspur members receive priority access to tickets (1 per membership, subject to availability).

  • Priority access sales window:  is given to One Hotspur members (1 per membership) during the on-sales windows. See here for information about how to purchase a ticket: Buying a ticket
  • Ticket Exchange: Keep an eye on Ticket Exchange as tickets can be listed up to 4 hours prior to kick-off (available 1 per membership, subject to availability). 
  • Away tickets: Please see Away Ticket Information.

How many tickets can I buy? How do I buy a ticket for my friend?

One Hotspur Members get priority access to tickets, 1 per membership, subject to availability.

If tickets are not available on Guest or General sale, you'll not be able to purchase a ticket for a non-member.

Family packages are sometimes available for certain Cup fixtures. Unless the fixture is on Guest or General sale, each supporter in the family booking will need to have a membership or season ticket in their own right.

If all your guests are One Hotspur members, please see here for information about how to update your My Network. When booking in a group, you may need to wait until all of your friends/family members booking window opens (ie your Season Ticket holder priority window is open, you'd need to wait until your friends One Hotspur member sales window opens to book together).

If your friend is not a One Hotspur member, unless tickets are made available on guest sale it will not be possible for you to purchase them a ticket. 


I'm travelling from overseas / I'd like to buy multiple tickets

Tickets are expected to sell out to One Hotspur members (1 per membership, subject to availability) during the priority sales window, see on-sale dates

One Hotspur membership does not guarantee you being able to get a ticket - however without a membership unless Ticket Exchange (this is where Season Ticket holders who're unable to attend can list their seats for re-sale) reaches general sale you'll not be able to purchase a ticket without a membership.

If you'd like to become a One Hotspur Member we'll send you an exclusive Gift and Stadium Access card, sent worldwide at no additional cost. If you miss out on a ticket in the One Hotspur member sales window, you also get exclusive priority access to Ticket Exchange - where you can purchase returned tickets from Season Ticket holders who're unable to attend (subject to availability). Once you join you will immediately be able to access any tickets listed via Ticket Exchange (1 per membership).

If you're not already a One Hotspur Member, and the match isn't available on general sale, you may wish to look at:

Please note, only purchase via Official Sellers otherwise you may be refused entry. Unauthorised sale of match tickets above face value is a criminal offence under UK law.

For purchase details see on-sale dates and pricing information
If you haven't already, you may also wish to join one of our Supporters Clubs near you.

What is a Guest Sale?

If tickets haven't sold out within the One Hotspur membership windows, tickets may be available on 'Guest' sale - where One Hotspur members can log in and purchase tickets for their friends and family. 

In the unlikely event there are tickets remaining after our members and guest sales, tickets may become available on general sale (up to six per person).

Tickets are in high demand and very unlikely to reach 'Guest' sale or 'General Admission' this season. You may wish to look at our Partner or premium options, see tips for guest travelling from overseas.


Why can't I buy a ticket / What is a restricted general sale?

Member: Check the priority Sales Windows dates for each match and your My Network settings if you're purchasing for a friend. If you are having trouble logging in, please clear your cache and check here for troubleshooting tips.

Not a member: You need to wait to see if the match reaches a guest or general admission sale window to purchase tickets (subject to availability and sales restrictions).

Forgotten your CRN? / Register on Ticketing Database

Restricted General Sale**

There are some matches where, due to security restrictions, we are unable to sell tickets to supporters who have not previously been registered on our ticketing database (ie you've previously purchased a ticket or registered with us, you'll have been given a Client Reference Number).

These restrictions are imposed by the Metropolitan Police, the local authorities and the venue safety teams. This means that, regrettably, we are unable to make any exceptions for overseas visitors or for any special occasions.

Please note, if you sign up to become a One Hotspur member today, unless you have an existing CRN, your registration date will be today and any date restrictions will still apply.

I have access requirements 

Supporters with disabilities or impairments with access requirements, the Club offers dedicated accessible seating areas for wheelchair users and ambulant access supporters. Please see our Access Page or contact our Access team on 0208 365 5161 for more information. 

Does my child/ baby need a ticket? 

Yes. All persons entering the ground must have their own match ticket regardless of age or size. This is a safety requirement in order to comply with our stadium licencing conditions.

Whilst we do not prohibit babes in arms from coming into the stadium, we do ask all parents and guardians to carefully consider if a football stadium is an appropriate environment before bringing a very small child to the ground.

All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. For more information and tips, please see: Attending with children

During member-only priority sales windows, tickets are restricted to members only (1 per membership, subject to availability). If you have purchased a junior membership, as children can not sit alone, during member-only sales periods - you'll need to purchase with an adult member, see here to update your My Network.

How much are tickets? Is there Concession Pricing?

For the 2019/20 Season, our matchday ticket pricing, please see here:
• Category A (x5 fixtures) – see prices here →
• Category B (x9 fixtures) – see prices here →
• Category C (x5 fixtures) – see prices here →

Where available concession pricing is to a ticket during the checkout process where eligible.

Note: Concession pricing is not available in all areas, for match-day pricing and concession areas please see here: On-sale dates.

It is possible to purchase an Adult ticket for a junior, it's simply that concession pricing isn't able to be applied within certain sections. 

Where available, age is as of the day of the event, you may be asked for proof of age/ID:

  • Junior tickets: for children under 18 years of age
  • Young Adult (18-21) 
  • Senior (over 65)

Concession pricing is based on age and we do not have Student Discounts.

Ticketing news see Tickets.

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