Problems purchasing membership?

It is a rare occurrence, but you might receive an advisory message when applying for a match ticket online.

This guide below will help you to identify the problem.


"Unfortunately, this time you don't have the correct privileges on your account to purchase tickets for this match"

This message will appear if tickets are not currently available to the category of membership that you hold. For full details on our members ticket application periods please click here.



"We have found multiple references matching your criteria. Please contact the box office directly"

It is likely that you have already registered with the Club at some stage. Please contact the Ticket Office in order to retrieve your client reference number at You may then reset your password through the Club website here.


"You have exceeded your quota of tickets"

Home matches: A ticket for this match has already been purchased against your membership or using one of the memberships within your online network.

Away matches: An away match application has already been made for this fixture using one of the memberships within your online network. Please check with your fellow members to ensure that they have not already submitted an application.

If you are not aware of any ticket purchase or application made against your membership you can get in touch with us at


"There are not sufficient seats available in the area you have selected"

This error message will only appear when all seats are locked online by other users. Seats on the interactive seating map will still be displayed in 'green' as the tickets are yet to be purchased, with other supporters currently in the process of buying them.

If a fellow supporters' session expires, or they do not wish to continue with their booking, the seats will be released and become available again for other supporters to select.

Helpful note: The ticketing system is a 'live system' and tickets can become available again at any time. However, all tickets are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be successful.


"Login could not be found"

Please check your client reference number and password to ensure that they are correct. If the problem persists please contact the Ticket Office by email at or by telephone on 0344 844 0102, option 2. Lines are open from Monday - Friday, 09:30 - 17:00.


"Client reference number invalid"

Please refer to your stadium access card or any official correspondence relating to your membership to ensure that your client reference number is correct.

This message may appear if you are using the copy and paste function when entering your client reference number into the field. Any blank spaces that are being copied with this function are counted and will result in this error message being displayed. Please enter your client reference number manually to proceed. If the problem persists please email


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