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The following information is for members who've registered on our Disability Access Scheme:

Before the game

Pre-match checklist


Pre-Bookable Parking  - You'll be sent the information after you have purchased your ticket regarding when you can pre-book parking, more information here:  Accessible Parking and Transport

Stadium Access Card & Lift Pass - Your match ticket will automatically be loaded onto your Stadium Access card. Don't forget to bring your Lift Pass, if you have one

Check your entrance number - Check your ticket information for the entrance number, please use this entrance

Security: Bag policy - If you need to bring a bag into the stadium that doesn't fit within the Stadium Bag Policy, for medical reasons, please see below for more information: Medical exemption certificate

Plan your journey - Supporters are advised to get to the stadium as early as possible. Turnstiles open 2 hours before kick-off.

Please note, if you are driving or being dropped off-road closures will be in place 2 hours prior to and up to 1-hour post-match.

Plan ahead and check before you travel. See Accessible Transportation & Parking

Cashless Payment - The Club is proud to deliver a fully cashless stadium, for more information see: Ways to pay


Pre-Match FAQ's: 


Will I receive a physical ticket?

Season ticket holders and One Hotspur members will have their ticket loaded onto their stadium access card. Non-members and personal assistants (if you do not have a Stadium Access card for them) will receive an e-ticket.

Where should I enter the stadium?

Supporters who have purchased accessible seating should enter the stadium via their designated accessible entrance at ground level.

The Stadium has four dedicated accessible entrances for home fans (Entrances 1, 5, 13 and 17) and one accessible entrance for away fans (entrance 11a). All entrances are served by multiple lifts transporting supporters to the viewing areas.

This will be indicated either on your stadium access card or your paper/e-ticket.

Can I store my wheelchair?

Supporters are able to store their wheelchair upon arrival if they do not require it once in the stadium.

To do so, please arrive at your designated ground level accessible entrance and liaise with a member of the Disability Access Team. The Club does not assume any responsibility for items left in our possession. 

Can you provide a wheelchair?

There are a limited number of temporary wheelchairs that supporters are able to borrow to help supporters travel to ambulant seating. 

To do so, please arrive at your designated ground level accessible entrance and liaise with a member of the Disability Access Team.


Medical Exemption Certificates


Despite the stadium's bag policy, the Club understands that some supporters will need to bring bags that do not meet these requirements into the stadium for medical reasons. In order to do so, an exemption certificate will be required.All requests for exemption certificates must be submitted in writing to the Access team no later than seven days before the game. No certificates will be issued on match-day.

If you would like to apply for a certificate, please contact the access team and provide supporting documentation at the earliest opportunity. This can be a Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP), or alternatively a letter from your GP or specialist nurse which outlines your requirements.

Please be aware that all supporters with an exemption certificate will still need to have their bags searched and tagged at a street-level dedicated accessible entrance (1, 5, 13 or 17) before entering the stadium. This will be the only way to access the stadium on a matchday if you need to bring a bag with you on medical grounds.


Getting to the stadium

Accessible Entrances


The entire stadium perimeter is made accessible by five lifts that can transport supporters from street level (Level 0), to podium level (Level 1).

The Stadium has four dedicated accessible entrances for home fans (Entrances 1, 5, 13 and 17) and one accessible entrance for away fans (entrance 11a). All entrances are served by multiple lifts transporting supporters to the viewing areas.

Entrances 1, 5, 13 and 17 will be stocked with a minimum of the following accessible facilities and equipment:

  • 10 x Audio commentary headsets
  • 4 x Wheelchairs
  • 5 x Sets of headphones
  • 5 x Sets of induction loops
  • 1 x Dog bowl

Any equipment signed out from the desk in the reception is to be returned to the entrances post-match. If you are an away supporter you must return to the nearest Disability Access Steward. Please note that the audio descriptive headsets for away fans are delivered to your seat and should be requested no later than one week before the match.


During the Game

Stadium Facilities, maps and guides


Please click on the following link for all information about the Stadium's Facilities, which includes information about accessible toilets, changing places facilities and dog spending areas.

For clearer information on where to find these facilities please refer to our Stadium Maps.

Lastly, for further information on please refer to our comprehensive Fan Guide.


I have friends who are sitting in a different location in the stadium. Will I be able to meet them in a communal area before kick-off and at half-time?

The stadium has been designed with supporter experience at the forefront. The Park Lane Square offers an area for supporters to congregate pre-match and post-match. Inside the stadium, there are bars and other outlets where supporters can congregate.

I have a ticket for a wheelchair accessible area. Will the stewards allow friends sitting elsewhere into the wheelchair area before kick-off and at half-time?

We have to be mindful of not overcrowding wheelchair areas and respecting other wheelchair users in these areas. However, we deploy dedicated stewards in these areas to manage each case individually.

When will the concourses be at their busiest?

The concourses are at their busiest around 30-45 minutes before kick-off, 10 minutes before half-time and throughout the entire interval. They are also extremely busy immediately after the final whistle.


After the Game

Will the concourses be busy after the game finishes?

Concourses are extremely busy immediately after the final whistle. Supporters who prefer not to encounter more crowded areas are advised to wait in their seats to allow crowds to disperse, wherever possible.

Can you assist me in leaving the stadium?

If you require a wheelchair to transport you to and from your ambulant seat, please let a member of the team know on arrival.

Where should I return borrowed equipment?

All equipment that has been borrowed from the Club (eg. audio commentary headset) must be returned to the same accessible entrance they used to enter the stadium.

I asked for my wheelchair to be stored before the game. Where can I collect it after full-time?

Wheelchairs that have been stored at an accessible entrance can be picked up from the same accessible entrance after the game.


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