One Hotspur 2019/2020 FAQs

Now open to new members: Join One Hotspur Membership Today. Please select your membership carefully as it is not possible to upgrade within the season to One Hotspur + after you've purchased your membership.  


Please note: 

  • Upgrades to One Hotspur + are not possible: As the Season has started, it is no longer possible to upgrade your membership. You'll be given the opportunity to upgrade at the point of renewal in 2020.
  • Membership pack: Please see here for more details: Stadium Access / Membership Card delivery
  • Update address: Please log in to your My Account to update your address
  • Refunds & Transferring a ticket:
    • Membership is non-refundable.
    • Tickets: If you have purchased a ticket during the One Hotspur priority sales window (ie not via Exchange), see details about requesting a refund.
    • Ticket Exchange, non-refundable: Tickets purchased via Exchange are strictly non-refundable. As this payment is made directly to the Season Ticket holder who listed that particular seat, it is not possible to issue a refund. 
    • Transferring a ticket: Tickets are strictly non-transferrable (unless you are a Season Ticket holder using Ticket Share or Ticket Exchange) and must be used by the person named on the ticket. If you're unable to attend, it may be possible to request a refund (unless you purchased via Ticket Exchange). 
  • Ticket Exchange:
    • Priority access to Ticket Exchange is given to all One Hotspur members (1 per membership, subject to availability).
    • Unless it reaches general sale it is not possible to purchase tickets via Ticket Exchange for non-member guests. 
    • Ticket Exchange allows Season Ticket holders membership to list their seat for Premier League matches that are included as part of their Season Ticket (ie it isn't available for Champions League games).
  • Buying more than one ticket:
    • It is possible to purchase tickets within the same booking, assuming you have the correct ticketing privileges (ie to purchase during the One Hotspur + sales window, everyone would need to to be One Hotspur + members), subject to availability of course.
    • To grant others the ability to allocate tickets to your account and for you to purchase on their behalf, please see here for details: My Network.
    • If the match has sold out, and you're looking to purchase tickets via Ticket Exchange, if you can't find seats near to each other, please keep checking. Availability is completely dependent on which Season Ticket Holders are listing their seat at that particular time. Tickets can be listed and purchased up to 4 hours prior to kick-off. 
  • Cancel auto-renewal:
    • If you set up a direct debit, as we're unable to amend your direct debit details, please contact your bank to cancel your direct debit agreement which will prevent a renewal payment being taken for the 2020/21 Season. If you didn't set up a direct debit you do not need to do anything further. 



For a full list of One Hotspur Membership FAQ's

Contact us

If you need to contact us please message us please note, we're unable to amend your direct debit details, change your payment method via form/email.





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