One Hotspur Membership FAQs

One Hotspur memberships are no longer on sale for the 2021/22 season, but click here to register your interest for the 2022/23 season!


If you have any queries about One Hotspur membership, please refer to the following FAQs.

For questions specifically about renewing your membership for 2022/23, please see our dedicated One Hotspur Membership Renewals FAQs.

Alternatively, for specific queries about digital gift vouchers (Adults and Seniors only) and membership packs (Juniors only), please see Digital Gift Voucher and Membership Pack FAQs.


Membership FAQs



Membership FAQs

What are the benefits of One Hotspur membership?

One Hotspur membership continues to offer a wide range of benefits to supporters. For a full list of these benefits, please click here.


What is the difference between One Hotspur and One Hotspur + membership?

One Hotspur + Members receive all the benefits of One Hotspur membership plus additional ticketing priority and a position on the Season Ticket Waiting List.


How much does One Hotspur membership cost?

For pricing information for the 2021/22 season, please refer to this chart:OH_Pricing_2122.png


How can I purchase a membership?

Memberships for the 2021/22 season are now on sale!

Should you require guidance on how to purchase a membership, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else, please refer to How to Buy a One Hotspur Membership


At what age will I qualify for Senior concession pricing?

Anyone aged 65 or over on 16 August 2021 can pay Senior concessionary pricing for One Hotspur or One Hotspur + membership.


At what age will I qualify for Junior concession pricing?

Anyone under the age of 18 on 16 August 2021 can pay Junior concessionary pricing for One Hotspur or One Hotspur + membership.


How long will my membership last for?

All memberships run on a seasonal basis. They will therefore remain valid for the duration of the 2021/22 season and will expire on 31 May 2022


Will I receive a gift pack?

All Junior members will receive a gift pack full of Spurs goodies. Packs for renewed members are expected to be dispatched in July 2021.

New Membership packs purchased can take approximately 14 days from the date of purchase to be received. If you have not received your pack after 14 days, then please let us know.

All Adult and Senior members will receive a £15 digital gift voucher which can be spent in our online Spurs shop.


When will I receive my digital gift voucher?

Digital gift vouchers for renewed members were emailed in July 2021.

New members can expect to receive their digital gift voucher within three weeks of purchase.


Will I receive a stadium access card?

As digital ticketing is now in operation throughout the stadium, no physical stadium access cards will be issued to Members.

Further guidance about digital membership cards will be issued to Members in due course.


Will I receive a birthday card?

As part of our ongoing sustainability efforts, Adult Members will no longer receive a physical birthday card but will be sent an email containing a message from Hugo Lloris and a Member-exclusive birthday discount redeemable in the Spurs Shop Online.

Junior Members will continue to receive a physical birthday card.


Should you have any further queries about membership or the renewals process, please feel free to contact us.


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