2019/20 Ticket & Membership T&C's



2019/20 One Hotspur Ticket and Membership Terms and Conditions


When you purchase or apply for either a Season Ticket, Match ticket or One Hotspur membership, you: (a) certify that you have read, understood and accepted; (b) agree to be bound by and to comply with; and (c) agree to bring to the attention of others, as required below, the Ticket and Membership Terms & Conditions and Ground Regulations so please take a moment to read them thoroughly.




In these Terms and Conditions:-

Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme” means a system available to Season Ticket Holders where payment details are held by the Club and charged automatically for every cup tie played at the Stadium.

the Club” means Tottenham Hotspur Ltd (and all associate and subsidiary companies) and/or Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

the Communication Channels” means the Club’s Official website, Official Facebook, Official Twitter, email, Match day programme, the Spurs Ticketline 0344 844 0102,  and other such methods of communication the Club may introduce.

Guest Ticket Scheme” means a priority window where Members can purchase additional tickets before they are placed on general sale (subject to availability).

 “Match” means any competitive football match played at the Stadium during the Season by the Club’s first team, in the Premier League and/or cup competitions.

Members” mean those members of One Hotspur. Unless specified, it applies to all membership tiers, i.e. Season Ticket Holder and One Hotspur members.

Members Stadium Access Card” means the card issued to all One Hotspur members to gain entry to the Stadium when an appropriate Match seat has been purchased.

One Hotspur” means the Club’s official membership scheme.

Season” means the 2019/20 football season (unless otherwise specified).

Season Stadium Access Card” means the card entitling the Season Ticket Holder admission for Matches played at the Stadium by the Club’s first team in the Premier League and any home cup ties to which the Season Ticket holder purchases their designated seat.

Season Ticket Holder” means the registered owner of the Season Ticket.

Ticket Exchange” is the Club’s official online resale platform.

Ticket Share” is an online platform that allows general admission Season Ticket Holders the ability to transfer a ticket for their designated seat to another supporter within their online network for designated home fixture they are unable to attend.

 “the Stadium” means the Club’s home venue, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for Matches in the 2019/20 Season.


  1. General

1.1 If these Terms and Conditions are not acceptable to Members then the Members Stadium Access Card or, where applicable, the Season Stadium Access Card should be returned immediately. No refunds will be issued for Memberships or Season Tickets after the Season has commenced.

1.2 The unauthorised sale or disposal of a Season Ticket, Members Stadium Access Card or Match ticket may amount to a criminal offence under section 166 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994(as amended by the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006) and may also be a further criminal offence  under section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006. The Club will inform the police when it becomes aware that a Home Match Ticket has been sold illegally and will press for charges to be brought against those breaking this law.  If you are convicted of a ticket touting offence, or we reasonably suspect you have committed such an offence, we will notify the Premier League who may in turn notify other Premier League clubs and/or the relevant law enforcement authorities.  The information that we share may include your personal details, information about the offence and about ticket purchases (including payment details).  We will use this to identify and prevent ticket touting offences and disorder at Matches.

1.3 Members must at all times do everything within their power and control to protect and enhance the good name of the Club and not to diminish the good name of the Club in any way or through any means. Racial, homophobic or discriminatory abuse, chanting or harassment is strictly forbidden and will result in arrest and/or ejection from the Ground. The Club may impose a ban for one or more Matches. This applies to any form of communication with Club staff or representatives.

1.4 The Club reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions within reason at any time without prior notice.

1.5 The dates of all Matches being played are subject to revision and change due to television coverage and other circumstances and in this regard, supporters are advised to refer to the Club’s Communication Channels. No guarantees can be given by the Club that the Match will take place at a particular time, location or on a particular date. The Club reserves the right to reschedule any Match without notice. The Club will have no further liability whatsoever, including (but not limited to) any indirect or consequential loss or damage, loss of enjoyment or travel/accommodation costs.

1.6 The Club reserves the right to refuse or close membership of One Hotspur or any of its membership tiers without prior notice or reason.

1.7 The Club reserves the right to suspend or terminate individual memberships with immediate effect if it is suspected that the One Hotspur membership and/or the benefits of that membership are being abused. The Club may also cancel any subsequent Match tickets purchased without payment of a refund of the Match ticket. Suspended Members will be granted the right to appeal. In the event of an unsuccessful appeal, written notification will be sent to the suspended Member with an explanation on the escalation procedure. In the event of a successful appeal, any subsequent and proven offence will result in an immediate ban with no right of appeal.

1.8 Anyone person who is subject to a suspension or ban from the Club also is also prohibited from purchasing tickets for Matches via the Club’s official Ticket Exchange or receiving a Match ticket via the Ticket Share.

1.10 The membership period is seasonal and runs from June 1 2019 until May 31 2020.

1.11 The Club reserves the right to refuse admission to, or eject from, the Stadium any person who fails to comply with these Terms & Conditions or the rules and regulations of the Stadium.

1.12 All persons entering the Stadium must have their own Match ticket. This is regardless of age and is required in order to comply with our Stadium Licencing conditions.

1.13 All persons entering the ground under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an appropriate parent or guardian.



  1. Season Stadium Access Cards, Members Stadium Access Cards and Match Tickets

2.1 Tickets purchased through the Club will be for Tottenham Hotspur supporters only. Please note – for seating within our accessible areas and tickets purchased to include a personal assistant/carer special conditions apply. Details will be provided to all those who purchase tickets within those areas. Full details and further information can be obtained by contacting the Club’s Access Team by email at access@tottenhamhotspur.com or by calling 0208 365 5161.

2.2 Season Stadium Access Cards, Members Stadium Access Cards and Match tickets remain the property of the Club at all times.

2.3 One Hotspur Season Stadium Access Cards and Members Stadium Access Cards are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable and are only valid when used by the named Season Ticket holder or Member to whom they are registered.  

2.4 One Hotspur general admission Season Tickets and Memberships must be registered to an individual supporter. These tickets cannot be registered in a company name and no one individual is permitted to have more than one general admission season ticket or membership registered in their name.

2.5 Match tickets can be refunded only if they are returned to and received by the Ticket Office no later than 7 days prior to the date of the fixture. This relates to all Members purchasing via the One Hotspur Members Priority Sales, Guest Ticket sales and all general ticket sales. All booking fees for Match tickets are non-refundable.

2.6 Tickets purchased via the Club’s Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme detailed in Section 5 of these Terms and Conditions, are not eligible to refunds under any circumstances.

2.7 In the event of a Match being abandoned or postponed, tickets purchased for the original fixture will remain valid for the re-arranged date. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to ascertain the new date and kick off time of all Matches.

2.8 Under no circumstances whatsoever is a Season Ticket Holder, Member or Match ticket holder permitted to sell any tickets to a third party, unless through the Club’s Ticket Exchange outlined in Section 3 of these Terms and Conditions. General admission Season Ticket Holders are also strictly prohibited from including their Season Tickets in any form of package, competition or promotion under any circumstances. When a Season Ticket Holder releases their seat on the Club’s Ticket Exchange the Season Stadium Access Card will be de-activated for that specific fixture once such seats have been sold.

2.9 It is the responsibility of all general admission Season Ticket Holder to ensure that every effort is made to ensure their seat is utilised for every home Premier League fixture either by attending or making use of the Ticket Exchange and Ticket Share platforms outlined in Section 3. The Club reserves the right to monitor seat occupancy and/or use of the Ticket Exchange and Ticket Share platforms throughout the Season and take any appropriate action to ensure full occupancy at the Stadium.

2.10 It is the Season Ticket Holder’s responsibility to present their valid Season Stadium Access Card at the turnstile failing which admission to the Stadium may be refused. Members must produce a valid Members Stadium Access Card registered in their name which will have a specific Match ticket loaded onto it. Members may be asked to provide further proof of age and or photographic identification before entry to the Stadium is granted.

2.11 If One Hotspur Season Ticket holders or Members arrive at the Stadium without their Stadium Access Cards they may be able to obtain a replacement Match ticket from the Club’s Match day Ticket Office, on production of appropriate photographic identification. Replacement Match tickets will ONLY be issued to the named Season Ticket Holder or Member on production of identification. Under no circumstances will a replacement Match ticket be issued to another supporter. Permanent replacement Stadium Access Cards will not be issued on a Match day.  

2.12 If the Season Stadium Access Card or Members Stadium Access Card is lost or stolen, then written confirmation should be supplied to the Ticket Office. All Ticket holders and Members will be required to pay a non-refundable administration fee of £15.00 before a new Stadium Access Card is issued.

2.13 The Club reserves the right to refuse to issue replacement Season Stadium Access Cards or Members Stadium Access Cards. An alternative of replacement Match tickets for collection only on the day of each fixture may be introduced should the Club deem this appropriate.

2.14 Season Stadium Access Cards or Members Stadium Access Cards are issued subject to such rules and regulations as the Club may make from time to time (as communicated through Club Communication Channels) and additionally:-

2.14.1 The rules and regulations of FIFA, UEFA, the Football Association, the FA Premier League and the Football League in respect of the relevant competition; and

2.14.2 The ground regulations for the time being which are on display at the Stadium.

2.15 Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of clause 2.10, although the Season Stadium Access Card issued to a Season Ticket Holder is for a particular seat, the Club reserves the right in its ultimate discretion to allocate the Season Ticket Holder, on a temporary basis, an alternative seat in another part of the Stadium in the following circumstances:-

2.15.1 When any part of the Stadium is closed for repairs, maintenance or redevelopment; or

2.15.2 When it is deemed desirable by the Club or the police to re-allocate a seat in the interests of safety or crowd control.

2.15.3 When the Club is required to re-allocate seats by any of the football authorities or other reasons specified in clause 2.14.1

- the Club will use its best endeavours to publicise any re-allocation of seats through the Club’s Communication Channels.

2.16 If Season Ticket holders, Members and/or Match ticket holders are arrested for any offence in the Stadium or in connection with any football match anywhere in the world or if they are ejected from the Stadium for any reason they must immediately surrender their Season Stadium Access Card and/or Members Stadium Access Card and/or Match ticket on demand to a Club official or police officer.

2.17 The Club reserves the right to suspend or withdraw, where applicable, all One Hotspur membership benefits including the Season Stadium Access Card and/or Members Stadium Access Card and/or Match ticket without compensation or reimbursement if Season Ticket holders, Members and/or Match ticket holders are in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions set out herein.




  1. Ticket Exchange and Ticket Share

3.1 When a Season Ticket Holder is unable to attend a home fixture that forms part of the Season Ticket product they will be able to either list their seat for resale via the Ticket Exchange platform or send a ticket to another supporter who is part of their online network by using the Club’s new “Ticket Share” service. The sale, resale or transfer of any ticket to a third party is expressly prohibited unless it is carried out via the Club’s Ticket Exchange platform.

3.2 A general admission Season Ticket Holder is able to list their seat for resale on the Ticket Exchange once the platform has been opened by the Club for a home Premier League Match.

3.3 The Club reserves the right to determine if and when the Ticket Exchange platform will open. The Club will notify Members as to whether the Ticket Exchange platform is open via the Club’s Communication Channels.

3.4 In the event that a general admissions Season Ticket seat is sold on the Ticket Exchange platform, the registered Season Ticket holder will receive the prevailing Match ticket price for the relevant fixture.

3.5 The Season Ticket Holder will be able to receive the proceeds from selling their seat either by way of a monthly payment process or have the funds held in credit by the Club to be used as part payment for the following season’s Season Ticket.

3.6 Ticket Share is a platform that allows a Season Ticket Holder to send their ticket for their usual seat to another supporter – who must be already registered on the Club database and within the Season Ticket Holders online network – for any home Premier League fixture that they are unable to attend.

3.7 The Club reserves the right in its absolute discretion to block the transfer of a ticket  to a third party if that third party is not registered and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing to place restrictions as to whom may purchase tickets on the Ticket Exchange and receive them via the Ticket Share..


  1. Ticketing Rights and Obligations

4.1 For the 2019/20 Season, Match tickets for Premier League Matches at the Club’s Stadium will be available to One Hotspur Members prior to any general sale. All Members will be sent full details on how to access these priority ticket sales when they join the membership scheme. All members will be charged the prevailing Members per ticket booking fee as detailed in 4.8.

4.2 Members hereby acknowledge and accept that the right to apply gives no guarantee that tickets will be available and issued. All rights to tickets are expressly subject to availability, the Club’s prior commitments, Members being in actual possession of their Members Stadium Access Card at the time of purchasing their ticket and, without prejudice to the foregoing, complying with these Terms and Conditions.

4.3 As they are already in possession of a Season Stadium Access Card, Season Ticket Holders are not entitled to ticketing rights available under the Membership Scheme, with the exception of the Guest Ticket Scheme.

4.4 The Guest Tickets Scheme is a benefit of One Hotspur Membership that allows Season Ticket holders and Members to purchase an allocation of tickets for a guest ahead of a general sale. Any tickets purchased during this guest period will be recorded against the individual Member’s record. Additionally, Members will be held responsible for the appropriate conduct of any individuals they purchase tickets for during the guest sale period as well as the responsible and legal distribution of these tickets. Guest tickets are strictly subject to availability and are made available at the discretion of the Club.

4.5 Junior Members, Young Adult members and Senior Citizens, as outlined in Section 8, are entitled to purchase tickets at concessionary prices in designated areas subject to availability and further subject to providing evidence of age and identity.

4.6 In respect of non-members Match tickets, duplicate tickets for lost or stolen tickets can be requested no earlier than 2 working days prior to the fixture. Duplicate tickets will only be issued on the day of the fixture and only to the original purchaser of the Match ticket upon production of photographic identification.

4.7 Duplicate tickets will not be issued if the Club has reason to suspect any incorrect activity having occurred in regards to Season Stadium Access Cards, Members Stadium Access Cards or Match tickets.

4.8 In the event of a general sale of tickets to non-members, Match tickets can be purchased via the Club website or dedicated telephone booking line. All tickets are subject to booking fees, which are strictly non-refundable:




 Purchased during Members Priority Period

Purchased during General Sale Periods









Calls to 0344 numbers from a BT landline are charged at the same rate as to a local or national phone number. Charges from other networks and mobile operators may differ. Please check your provider for further details.


  1. Cup-Ties

5.1 The Club reserves the right to put on general sale any seats that are unclaimed by Season Ticket Holders by the closing date specified by the Club through its Communication Channels.

5.2 Season Ticket Holders are able to join the Club’s Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme All Season Ticket Holders wishing to be part of this scheme for the 2019/20 Season are required to register full payment details to be eligible to join the Scheme irrespective of whether they have provided such details in previous seasons.

5.3 Season Ticket Holders wishing to register for the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme must do so by the date of the first Premier League fixture of the Season. New registrations for the Scheme will not be accepted after this date for the remainder of the 2019/20 Season.

5.4 All Season Ticket Holders registered on the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme for all first team Cup-Ties played at the Club’s Stadium during the 2019/20 Season must be aware of the following conditions:

5.4.1 The Club will send an email to members of the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme when their Home Cup-Tie tickets have been processed and loaded on to their Season Stadium Access Card. However, it is the sole responsibility of the Season Ticket Holder to keep their email address registered with the Club up to date. 

5.4.2 It is not possible to opt out of the scheme for a particular home Cup-Tie for any reason. By joining the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme, a Season Ticket Holder is committing to purchase every home cup tie, regardless of opponent, date, time or competition.

5.4.3 Tickets purchased through the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme are not eligible for a refund under any circumstances.

5.4.4 It is the Season Ticket Holder’s responsibility to ensure that their registered payment details are kept up to date. The Club will attempt to contact the Season Ticket Holder by email when encountering issues with a payment card although the Club will not accept any responsibility if this email is not read, opened or is sent to an email address that is out of date or is filtered out through a spam guard. In the event that payment is declined, or the Season Ticket Holder fails to update their payment information the Club will not issue the home Cup-Tie ticket and the Season Ticket Holder’s seat will be offered for sale for that particular home Cup-Tie.

5.4.5 If a Season Ticket Holder wishes to cancel their participation in the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme they must put their request in writing via post or email and such requests must be received by the Club no later than 28 days prior to the   first competitive Match of the Season. Upon cancellation, 5 points will be deducted from their loyalty points and it will not be possible to opt back in to the Scheme for the remainder of the Season.

5.4.6 The Club will deduct funds from the registered payment information as soon as Match details are confirmed. Subject to the Cup draw, the time of deduction may vary but will typically be between two and four weeks before the date of the fixture.

5.4.7 Once funds have been successfully obtained for the registered Season Ticket Holder’s tickets, the relevant data will be loaded on to the Season Stadium Access Card. Access to the relevant cup-tie will be gained by production of the Season Stadium Access Card at the turnstile, subject to the terms set out in section 2 of these Terms and Conditions.

5.4.8 Any Season Ticket Holder who has been relocated to an alternative seat due to any reasons set out in 2.15, will be issued with a Match ticket for the Match(es) concerned.



  1. Away Season Tickets and Away Match tickets

6.1 The price of the Away Season Ticket is based on 19 away matches. In the event that the total cost is less, the appropriate credit will be refunded at the end of the Season. Likewise, if the Club requires additional payments towards the end of the Season, the registered payment details will be charged prior to sending out the Match tickets.

6.2 The seats allocated at the away game will be the best available as specified by the host club. Except in special circumstances e.g. medical reasons, it is not possible to make specific requests on where you are seated. However, you can specify on your application the details of other Away Season Ticket Holders you wish to sit with at away games. Tickets will be automatically dispatched to the Away Season Ticket Holder’s registered address.

6.3 Away Season Ticket Holders are not able to apply for extra away tickets in addition to their Away Season Ticket unless the away tickets go on general sale.

6.4 Loyalty points for the away games will be allocated at the prevailing rate as and when they occur.

6.5 In the event that the away ticket allocation at a certain stadium is not sufficient to accommodate all of our Away Season Ticket Holders, the tickets will be allocated based on the quantity of loyalty points held by the Away Season Ticket Holder Member.

6.6 Due to extreme demand for away tickets that are expected for the 2019/20 Season no new Away Season Tickets will be issued.

6.7 Away Season Ticket Holders will receive priority on away tickets in the event of away domestic Cup-Ties.  Away Season Ticket Holders can opt out of the Away Cup-Tie Guarantee Scheme if they wish.

6.8 For the 2019/20 Season the Away Cup-Tie Guarantee Scheme will not apply for possible away matches in the UEFA Champions League and/or the UEFA Europa League. Away Season Ticket Holders wishing to attend these matches must apply in the usual way for all season ticket holders. Tickets will be allocated in line with the Club’s loyalty point system.

6.9 It is not possible to cancel the Away Season Ticket once the Season commences. No refunds will be given.

6.10 Excluding Away Season Ticket Holders, tickets for away matches will be allocated in line with the Club’s Loyalty Point system as set out in Section 9.

6.11 In order to ensure the integrity of the allocation process and that the correct supporters are using the ticket(s) allocated to them, the Club reserves the right to  require individual supporters to collect their Match tickets at the away venue on the day of a fixture. In these instances, tickets will only be released to the named supporter on production of photographic identification.


  1. Season Ticket Waiting List

7.1 To be part of the Season Ticket Waiting List, you must be on the appropriate One Hotspur membership level. Priority will be given to supporters who were on the 2018/19 Season Ticket Waiting List to maintain their position or move up the list should any supporters above them decide not to join the relevant membership.

7.2 If a supporter wishes to be adjacent to another supporter on the waiting list, they must apply for the relevant level of One Hotspur membership. If they are already on the waiting list and wish to be adjacent to each other on the 2019/20 list, the supporter closest to the top of the list will be required to move down the list to the place where the other supporter is situated. Any such requests should be submitted in writing to the One Hotspur Ticketing and Membership Office.

7.3 Only one seat will be granted to each person on the waiting list. Therefore a relevant Membership must be purchased for each supporter wishing to be on the waiting list for a Season Ticket.

7.4 In the event that a Member on the Season Ticket Waiting List is offered a Season Ticket, they will have 2 working days to decide if they wish to purchase it.

7.5 Members on the Waiting List will be notified of their position via Club Communication Channels.

7.6 The Club reserves the right to offer Season Tickets as prizes for promotions from time to time.


  1. Concession Tickets

8.1 The Club offers concession tickets in specific areas of the Stadium and these are available to supporters who are either under 18 or over 65 years of age on August 16, 2019. These groups will both qualify for a 50% discount on both Season and Match tickets for home Matches.

8.2 From the start of the 2019/20 Season the Club will introduce a new Young Adult ticket concession for supporters between the ages of 19 and 21. These supporters will receive a 25% discount on Season and Match tickets in designated, specific areas of the stadium.

8.3 The Club reserves the right to request production of photographic identification before confirming an application for concession memberships and/or Season and Match tickets.

8.4 Any adult Members attempting to gain entry with a concession ticket which they are not entitled to will face a ban from the Stadium and their membership being cancelled with no refund issued.

8.5 In the event that a concession Member is unable to attend a Match it is possible to upgrade the ticket by contacting the Ticket Office by telephone or in person and paying the difference between the concession and adult ticket price for the particular Match. If a Match has sold out to One Hotspur members only, a ticket can only be upgraded for use by another Member.

8.6 The Club will, from time to time, carry out random checks within the Stadium to ensure that people in possession of concession tickets are within the required age ranges. People found to be abusing the system may be removed from the Stadium immediately. No refunds will be offered and further action will be taken (see clause 8.4 above).



  1. Loyalty Points

9.1 The Club’s Loyalty Point Scheme for One Hotspur Season Ticket Holders and Members will consist of the points gained in the previous 4 full seasons, as well as the current campaign.

For example, for the start of the 2019/20 Season the points gained for continuous membership will be totalled for the following seasons:


  • 2015/16
  • 2016/17
  • 2017/18
  • 2018/19


In addition, this total will be added to with any points gained during the 2019/20 Season. At the end of next season any points from the 2015/16 season will fall away to be replaced by points gained during the 2019/20 Season and also through the forthcoming 2020/21 season.

9.2 Loyalty points will be awarded to Members when renewing their One Hotspur Season Ticket with additional points being awarded when attending away games or home Cup-Ties

9.3 One Hotspur Members will be awarded Loyalty Points each time they attend a Match with a ticket assigned to their One Hotspur membership account at the time of purchase, home or away.

9.4 The amount of points issued will depend on the grade of the game and will be detailed through the Club’s Communication Channels. In determining the allocation of loyalty points (which is entirely at the Club’s discretion), we take in to account a number of factors such as the relative attractiveness of the opposition, the competition, the stage of competition, the day of the week, the time of year, venue of the Match, typical travel distances for the majority of our fans, and the availability of the Match on live TV or Spurs TV Online internet streaming.

9.5 Loyalty points will be used to allocate tickets when demand exceeds the allocation of tickets for matches away from the Club’s home Stadium for the 2019/20 Season (e.g. Arsenal away or a Cup Final). The Club will clearly advise via the Communication Channels the number of loyalty points required to be able to apply for tickets to certain fixtures.

9.6 When loyalty points are used to allocate tickets for away fixtures, all Members must each have the required number of loyalty points individually, when applying for tickets in a group. Only the member of the group with sufficient loyalty points will qualify for a ticket. Tickets will NOT be issued based on the average number of points. If the supporter who submitted the application is unsuccessful then tickets will be sent to the registered address of a successful member of that group.

9.7 Members can check their loyalty points total by visiting the “My Account” page in the Ticketing section of tottenhamhotspur.com

9.8 The Club reserves the right to allocate away match tickets with official Club travel packages. In such circumstances, loyalty points may not apply.

9.9 Any queries relating to a member’s loyalty points MUST be raised with the Ticket Office in writing/via email. Any queries relating to points allocated for matches prior to the season before the current campaign will not be considered.

9.10 Should a Member or Season Ticket Holder miss the date of renewal, they will be treated as a new Member, with their loyalty points total returning to zero.

9.11 Tickets purchased outside of the Members Priority period must be assigned to individual Members at the point of sale in order for Loyalty Points to be awarded. If tickets are not assigned to individual Members at the point of sale it will not be possible to award Loyalty Points retrospectively.

9.12 Different loyalty point systems operate for Season Ticket holders and One Hotspur members. In the event that a Member secures a season ticket, the points gained as a member will be reset. Season Ticket Holders will always have priority on tickets over Members.


  1. Standing

10.1 In accordance with the Club’s ground regulations Members must remain in their seats while the game is in progress or when requested to do so by a steward or other Club official.

10.2 Members acknowledge that persistent standing while play is in progress can result in ejection from the Stadium and, in persistent cases, confiscation of their Season Stadium Access Card or Members Stadium Access Card.


  1. No Smoking

11.1 In accordance with the ground regulations smoking is not permitted at any time in any part of the Stadium complex. This includes e-cigarettes.

11.2 Members acknowledge that if found in breach of clause 11.1 they may be liable to ejection from the Stadium and, in persistent cases, confiscation of their Season Stadium Access Card or Members Stadium Access Card without compensation.


Privacy Statement

The Club complies with the General Data Protection Regulation in all its dealings with your personal data.

How information about you will be used:

The Club will keep your name, address, email address, phone numbers and credit/debit card information and other such documentation as may be required and use this information to fulfil your order(s) for Season Tickets plus Membership and for customer service purposes. We will disclose your information to our service providers and agents for these purposes. Your personal information will not be passed to a third party without your explicit consent.

Tottenham Hotspur will also use your contact information to advise you of ticket and membership offers in the future. If you have already registered for such additional offers and wish to change your preferences, just write to us with your details to Data Protection Officer, Tottenham Hotspur, Lilywhite House, 782 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 0BX or email personaldata@tottenhamhotspur.com


When you give information about another person, you confirm that they have appointed you to act for them, to consent to the processing of their personal data and to receive on their behalf any data protection notices.

You have a right to ask for a copy of your information and to correct any inaccuracies, please write to the:

Data Protection Officer, Tottenham Hotspur, Lilywhite House, 782 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 0BX

or email personaldata@tottenhamhotspur.com




9 April 2019

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