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Bag policy:

Note the NFL are operating a strict bag policy - please see here for more details as it differs from the regular Tottenham Hotspur Football match bag policy.

NFL & Ticketmaster have communicated this to all ticket holders: 


For the latest information about NFL tickets please see the NFL's latest update here: London Games season ticket news

Premium/hospitality tickets:

If you haven't received your tickets, the Ticket office can issue you replacement tickets on the day - arrive early and bring photo ID.


Where are the home and away benches?

Home Bench: East Side (Raiders, Buccaneers)

Away Bench: West Side (Bears, Panthers)


Accessible seating information

Parking: NFL were in contact directly with wheelchair ticket holders regarding a limited number of parking spaces. If you weren't able to secure a parking space, please see here for information about Accessible Transport options: Accessible Parking - NFL


Official Ticket Providers

We want tickets to be used by genuine fans and not resold through unofficial ticket platforms. Last year 4,000 tickets were cancelled as they were purchased by individuals exceeding the ticket limit for the purpose of resale. This will continue to be monitored and any tickets exceeding the ticket policy will be cancelled.

For all Season Ticket enquiries please email 

Full ticket details 


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