Season Ticket Renewals 2020/21 FAQs

The Club has announced that Season Ticket renewals for the 2020/21 Premier League season will take place from 13 July until 7 August

Once you have read the announcement, please see below for the answers to some frequently asked questions you may have.




Exceptional Circumstances


Reduced Capacity Games / Ballot


Season Ticket Verification


Digital Ticketing


Seat Relocations



How much will I have to pay?

Season Ticket Holders are invited to renew their Season Ticket by making an initial payment of 20% of their Season Ticket price before the deadline of 5pm on Friday 7 August. The exact figure, as well as further information about how to make the initial payment, will be detailed in an email sent to you on Monday 13 July when the renewal period opens.

To move forward with the registration process, and in order for us to review seat relocation availability, it is important that the Club knows which fans are committing to retaining their seat. Therefore the initial payment will be non-refundable should you decide to secure your seat now and subsequently not pay the remaining balance to complete your renewal.


What if there is no return of fans to stadia in 2020/21?

During these exceptional and uncertain times, we are keeping everything under review as things move forward. We are currently working on the basis that supporters will be able to attend matches during the 2020/21 Season.

Should that not be the case then your 20% initial payment will be carried over to the 2021/22 Season. Should fans be unable to attend matches during that season then we shall obviously review and further advise.


Do I have to make my payment by the deadline?

Yes, Season Ticket Holders will be invited to renew from Monday 13 July by making an initial payment of 20% of their full 2020/21 Season Ticket price before the deadline of 5pm on Friday 7 August. All Season Ticket Holders will be sent full details by email on how to make the initial payment on Monday 13 July when the renewal period opens.

Season Tickets not secured by the initial payment before the deadline will be released for seat relocations and then to One Hotspur + Members on the Season Ticket Waiting List.


When will I be required to pay the outstanding balance?

You will be invited to pay your remaining balance by a date to be confirmed in due course, when there is greater clarity on the ability to stage full capacity matches. The remaining balance will be based on the number of matches taking place at full capacity, minus the initial payment already made.


Can One Hotspur Ticketing account credits be used to pay for this initial payment?

Yes, supporters can make the initial payment with credit held on their One Hotspur Ticketing account. If their current balance does not meet the cost of the initial payment, the remaining amount can be paid using a credit or debit card. Supporters without any credit in their Ticketing account can pay the initial amount by credit or debit card. Fans are also able to use our V12 Finance payment scheme.


Can I pay for my Season Ticket using V12 Finance?

Yes, if you would like to make your initial payment through V12 Finance then you will have the option to apply for an agreement with them at the point of purchase. Please do not selection this option if your basket value is £0. 


What will happen to my Ticketing Points?

Given the current circumstances, we have decided that all Ticketing Point totals will be frozen for the current season and the annual clear down of legacy points will not take place.

Going forward we shall award Ticketing Points for those renewing and securing their seats with the initial payment for next season’s Season Ticket, however no points will be awarded during next season for match attendances or ticket purchases.


Can I renew my Tottenham Hotspur Women Season Ticket?

Renewal plans for our Women’s Season Ticket will be confirmed in due course.


I don’t want to renew my Season Ticket – can I get a refund for my account credit instead?

Supporters unable to renew their Season Ticket due to COVID-19 related medical circumstances can reserve their seat and hold it over for the 2021/22 season by making the initial payment and completing an online form which will be provided post making the payment. Evidence may be requested for those who submit their deferral request.

However, if you would no longer like to keep your Season Ticket then there is no obligation to renew during the renewals period. After the renewals window closes on 7 August, you will be contacted and advised on how you may request a refund for the remaining funds in your account.


Exceptional Circumstances

I’m not comfortable returning to the stadium because I'm shielding/vulnerable - what will happen to my Season Ticket?

For those supporters unable to renew their Season Ticket due to COVID-19 related medical circumstances, we shall reserve your seat and hold it over for the 2021/2022 season. All you will be required to do is make the initial payment now - this will be credited to your 2021/2022 Season Ticket and Ticketing Points for renewal will be applied at that time too -  and then complete an online form which will be provided post making the payment. Evidence may be requested for those who submit their deferral request.


If I defer my Season Ticket, what happens if there are no games played in the 2021/22 Season?

Should attendances not occur in the 2021/22 season then we shall review and further advise at that time.


What happens if I am unable to attend any games played in 2021/22 for COVID-19 related medical reasons?

Should you then not be able to attend matches during the 2021/22 season due to COVID-19 related medical circumstances, we shall of course review the situation and advise further.


What happens if my circumstances change after I have deferred and I wish to purchase my Season Ticket for the 2020/21 season?

Should your circumstances change after we have commenced with full capacity games in the 2020/21 season, please contact us and we will do our best to offer you your normal seat for the remainder of the campaign. However, this will be subject to availability at the time, as your seat may already have sold for the next few matches and/or been affected by seating configurations we may have had to make to comply with safety guidelines.


Reduced Capacity Games / Ballot

The following FAQs address the key aspects of how we expect the ballot process to work, but we would ask supporters for their patience given the fluidity of the current situation and whilst we await greater clarity about what games played in the near future will look like.


Will I automatically be entered into the ballot?

If any matches of the 2020/21 season are operated on a reduced capacity basis, Season Ticket Holders who have completed the initial payment stage will have an option to be entered into a ballot for the opportunity to access a ticket for the match. There will be no obligation to enter any ballot.

We shall aim to ensure that this system is well-communicated, fair and even-handed and that no one supporter receives multiple picks if others have not had the chance to do so.


Can I choose which matches I want to enter the ballot for?

The ballots for any game played on a reduced capacity basis would be run on a game by game basis, allowing Season Ticket Holders to choose which game(s) to apply for.


Will groups be able to enter the ballot together?

It is our intention that groups of Season Ticket Holders would be able to enter the ballot together, and would either be successful or unsuccessful as a collective group. This is to ensure that fans can still attend together and on the proviso that social distancing guidance can still be observed.


Will the initial payment for my Season Ticket cover any match tickets I apply for?

Your initial Season Ticket payment will be separate to any balloted tickets you apply for. Once we have further clarity on any reduced capacity games, full details of the ballot process will be communicated.


Season Ticket Verification

Do I need to provide photo ID before I renew?

To ensure that our stadium is as safe and secure as possible, supporters will be asked to confirm or amend their personal details. Given registration processes are constantly being reviewed during these times, we may also require Season Ticket Holders to provide a valid form of photographic identification. You will not be required to do so for the initial payment stage, so please renew your Season Ticket as detailed within the email that was sent on Monday 13 July. As soon as these further processes are confirmed, details will be emailed to Season Ticket Holders.


When can I request to change my Season Ticket details?

Once renewals have concluded, further information about this process will be communicated. In the meantime, please ensure that you renew your Season Ticket as detailed within the email that was sent on Monday 13 July, before 5pm on 7 August.


Digital Ticketing 

I / my children don’t have a smartphone – how will I get into the stadium?

Full details about our digital ticketing operation will be provided in due course. This will include guidance for supporters who do not own a suitable device. In the meantime, please ensure that you renew your Season Ticket as detailed within the email that was sent on Monday 13 July.


Seat Relocations

When will I receive an update on my seat relocation request?

We were pleased to recently give fans the opportunity to request to relocate within the stadium and we shall make every effort to accommodate as many of these requests as possible.

The relocation process can begin only once Season Ticket renewals have concluded and we have a clearer picture of availability. Those who have requested a seat relocation will still need to renew, as detailed in the email sent to them on 13 July, based on their existing seat as we cannot guarantee all seat relocation requests will be accommodated.

If you have already made a relocation request by completing the relocation form, this has been recorded and you do not need to do anything more at this stage except renew your Season Ticket. We shall be in touch in due course. 


If you have any questions not covered in this article, feel free to send us a message.


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