Season Ticket Relocations FAQs

We were pleased to recently give fans the opportunity to request to relocate within the stadium and we shall make every effort to accommodate as many of these requests as possible.

The relocation process can begin only once Season Ticket renewals have concluded and we have a clearer picture of availability. If you have already submitted your relocation request, this has been recorded and all you will need to do is renew your existing Season Ticket by making the initial payment. Please refer to our Season Ticket Renewal FAQs for further details.

We are not currently accepting any new seat relocation requests, but if you have any queries about a relocation request you have already submitted, please refer to the following FAQs:



I have submitted my relocation form - what happens now?

If you have submitted your form, all you will need to do is make sure you renew your current Season Ticket between 13 July and 7 August. This will ensure that you do not lose it.

If we are able to offer you a relocation based on the preferences you have indicated, we will be in touch to let you know. Though we will make every effort to accommodate your request, please note that relocations are not guaranteed.


Do I have to accept whatever new seat is offered to me?

No, you are under no obligation to accept any seat that we offer you, nor will any seat move be actioned without your express permission.

If we are able to offer you a relocation, we will contact you and at that stage you will have the option to either accept the offer or decline it.


What happens if I decline the seat that is offered to me?

If you decline your offer then you will still be able to keep your current seat. However, due to the volume of requests received, we will not be able to discuss any further options with you.


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