The Dare Skywalk - Wheelchair Accessible Climbs

The Dare Skywalk was designed with accessibility in mind and we are pleased to offer wheelchair accessible climbs throughout the year. Specifically designed for wheelchair users, this adrenaline-pumping experience challenges adventure-seekers to ‘take it to the edge’!

These experiences are booked on a bespoke basis and can normally take place as the first climb of the day, though timings vary seasonally throughout the year.

Our climb guide team have also undergone specialist training and cannot wait to be able to deliver this unforgettable experience.


How to Book

Supporters who would like to book a wheelchair accessible climb will need to complete and submit this form. A member of the Dare Skywalk team will respond at the earliest opportunity.


About Wheelchair Accessible Climbs

Guests booking a wheelchair accessible climb can be accompanied by their Personal Assistant free of charge. They can be joined by up to 8 friends and family; please see here for ticket pricing.

The climb uses a bespoke padded wheelchair and we require the user to be able to transfer into the wheelchair.

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The experience lasts up to 2.5 hours from the briefing video at the start to de-kitting at the end.


Wheelchair Climb Requirements

For their own safety, all participants must be able to wear a body harness. The harness fits around the shoulders and thighs and fastens in the middle with a secure clasp.

The climb uses a bespoke padded wheelchair and participants must be able either to self-transfer into it or, alternatively, be assisted in doing so by a personal assistant or family member trained in manual handling. We have a banana board available in Basecamp for visitors to use when transferring.

Visitors who would like to transfer using a hoist will have the option to do so in the Changing Places facility located within the Tottenham Experience. Visitors must bring their own sling for the hoist. Please let us know ahead of your visit should you wish to do this, and one of our hosts will come to meet you in the Tottenham Experience. As The Dare Skywalk experiences start from a different location, we will ensure that enough time is left before your climb when you book.

Climbers will be required to leave their own wheelchair securely in Basecamp for the duration of their experience. Our hosts will be happy to assist with this.


Important information for all climbers

To take part in the Dare Skywalk, climbers cannot weigh over 21 stone (130kg).

All participants must be able to wear a body harness. The harness fits around the shoulders and thighs and fastens in the middle with a secure clasp. The harness can accommodate waists up to 50 inches (125cm) and upper thighs up to 30 inches (75cm).

Mobile phones are permitted - however, they will remain in the possession of the Climb Guide upon ascent and descent. They may only be used once on the viewing platform on the roof.

There will be no access to a toilet for approximately 2 hours. (Accessible toilets are available in the Dare Skywalk Basecamp and there is a Changing Places facility in the Tottenham Experience.)


Accessible Climb Pre-Visit Checklist

To view our Accessible Climb pre-visit checklist, please see here:

Accessible Climb Checklist


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