The Dare Skywalk - Wheelchair Climbs

We are pleased to offer wheelchair accessible climbs throughout the year. These are booked on a bespoke basis and can normally take place as the first climb of the day, though timings vary seasonally throughout the year.


How to Book

Supporters who would like to book a wheelchair accessible climb will need to complete and submit this form. A member of the Dare Skywalk team will respond at the earliest opportunity.


About wheelchair accessible climbs

  • Guests booking a wheelchair accessible climb can bring a complimentary Personal Assistant
  • You can have up to 8 friends and family join you on the climb (tickets for all start from £39pp)
  • The experience lasts up to 2.5 hours, from the briefing video to the de-kitting at the end
  • We will use a bespoke padded wheelchair and will require the user to be able to transfer into the wheelchair
  • Participants will be provided with all equipment, including clothing, and you will be required to wear a body harness. Suitable climbing trainers are also provided, but wearing them will not be mandatory for the wheelchair user.


Wheelchair Climb Requirements

  • To take part in the Dare Skywalk Climb, climbers cannot weigh over 21 stone (130kg).
  • All participants must be able to wear a body harness. The harness fits around the shoulders and thighs and fastens in the middle with a secure clasp. The harness has the following maximum measurements:
    • Waist - 50 inches (125cm)
    • Upper thigh - 30 inches (75cm)
  • Participants must either be able to self-transfer into our bespoke padded wheelchair or, alternatively, be assisted in doing so by a personal assistant or family member trained in manual handling.


Important things to know for all climbers

  • Mobile phones are permitted - however, they will remain in the possession of the Climb Guide upon ascent and descent. They may only be used once on the viewing platform on the roof.
  • There will be no access to a toilet for approximately 2 hours. (Accessible toilets are available in the Dare Skywalk Basecamp and there is a Changing Places facility in the Tottenham Experience
  • There is a weight restriction of up to 21 stone (130kg)


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