ID Validation FAQs

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ID Validation FAQs


How can I submit my ID for validation?

If you have not already submitted your ID for validation, you can do so by logging into your e-ticketing account and clicking on the 'Verify Your Identity' notification that appears once you click on the icon in the top right corner of the screen.


(If you have already validated your ID, when you click 'Identity Verification' in your account menu, you will receive a notification informing you that your validation has been successful.)



Supporters will be able to upload a clear photo of their ID, including the option to use their device’s camera to capture and upload in real time.


Manual Upload

For best results, use a scanner to capture an image of your ID and output directly to JPG or PNG format. If you are taking a photo of your ID with your Smartphone, follow this simple guide:

  • Full image of photocard UK Driving licence is required
  • Single photo page of International Passport is required
  • Ensure that the entire image is in focus
  • Please try to have only your ID in the image, any other documents are not needed
  • Do your best to avoid glare from your flash or lighting
  • Please try to avoid shadows on the document
  • Please do not edit the picture once it is taken, as this can lead to a rejection
  • Try not take the photo from an angle

Once you have an image file of your ID use the 'Filesystem document provider' and select or drop image to navigate to your file and upload it. Then wait for the results to confirm it has been validated.


Live Capture Image

If you wish to capture a live image of your ID we advise using a smartphone. The image quality of a smartphone is typically better than as laptop camera or webcam. Here are some simple tips for Smartphone capture:

  • Full image of photocard UK Driving licence is required
  • Single photo page of International Passport is required
  • Place the ID flat on a table
  • Ideally remove any background clutter
  • Preferably, align ID sideways, using the full portrait camera size
  • Try to hold the camera parallel to the ID
  • Please avoid glare on the ID
  • Please avoid shadows over the ID

Once you have aligned your ID tap CAPTURE. The capturing function will attempt to auto-capture an image of your ID with the required details included.

Before uploading:

  • Please make sure your details are in focus
  • Please make sure all details on the page are included
  • Use the CROP tool if needed
  • Do not alter the image using any editing software
  • Use the original ID image and not a scanned copy of the ID
  • Click UPLOAD and wait for the results




Why am I required to validate my ID?

The Club's ticketing process is now fully digital meaning that Season Ticket cards in circulation from previous years will no longer work and entry to the stadium can now only be gained via the mobile device to which your match ticket is delivered.

To support this, and to ensure supporter safety and security, we are asking all adult supporters to complete our online ID validation process.

Personal data for ID validation will be used for the sole purpose of validating the name on the Season Ticket account and held by the Club for no more than 31 days at which point it will be automatically purged. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.


Whose ID do I need to validate if I share my Season Ticket?

It is important that the ID provided is for the person who is named on the Season Ticket.


What forms of ID do you accept?

You will be able to submit either an electronic copy of a valid international passport or UK driving licence photocard (provisional licences are accepted). If you do not have either of these documents, you are welcome to contact us to discuss alternative documentation.


How will my data be used and stored?

All personal data will be held in strict accordance with our GDPR regulations. 

As per our privacy policy, in order to understand exactly who is in attendance at the Stadium on matchdays, we are asking Season Ticket Holders over the age of 18 to verify their identity by providing the Club with a copy of a valid passport or UK driving licence.

The lawful basis the Club has applied for collecting this data under data protection law is GDPR Article 6(1) – legal obligation; we have a common law duty of care to protect the welfare and wellbeing of individuals who attend matches in the Stadium.

Successful ID validation will ensure that the details we hold on account match those of the named Season Ticket Holder.

Your personal data will be retained only for the purposes stated in the ID validation section of our privacy notice and will be held by the Club for no more than 31 days at which point it will be automatically purged.


Will Juniors be required to submit ID?

Supporters currently under the age of 18 are not required to validate their ID.


What if I don't have access to a smartphone or scanner?

If you do not have access to a smartphone, you can still use a camera or scanner to upload your ID to your laptop or desktop PC. So long as you follow the tips above, you should then be able to manually upload your ID and submit it for validation without issue.

If you do not have access to a camera or scanner and therefore cannot manually upload a copy of your ID, we would encourage you to contact us directly.


I am receiving an error message saying I have previously completed my ID validation

If you have already successfully submitted your ID for validation, you will not be required to do so again.


Why does my ID status show as 'Pending'?

If you have submitted your ID for validation and its status shows as ‘pending’, please be assured that this is nothing to be concerned about. This simply means that we have recognised that your ID is valid but does not exactly match the details we have on file for you.  

This may be because you have changed your name or because you would like to make use of our Season Ticket Amnesty process. In any case, a member of our team will contact you in due course to request further details and update your account.


What if I am having trouble submitting my ID?

If you are experiencing any issues submitting and validating your ID, please ensure the following:

  1. The ID is a valid international passport or UK driving licence of the supporter intending to attend games
  2. Choose between Camera (to live capture) and Manual Upload (to upload an existing image or scan)
  3. The picture you capture or upload is of high quality
  4. You are uploading either a full image of your UK driving licence photocard or the single photo page of your international passport
  5. There are no stains on your ID obscuring any part of the text/image
  6. Your ID is not torn or damaged
  7. Your camera lens is clean. Avoid glare and shadows
  8. If your ID cannot be validated at the first attempt, please try again in another room or with a different saved file.

Please also refer to the following:



If you are still having trouble submitting your ID, or if you do not possess one of our accepted forms of ID, please contact us directly.


What happens if I do not submit my ID?

You will be required to validate your ID in order for your Season Ticket Pass, One Hotspur Member Pass or digital ticket to be activated for any given fixture. Failure to do so may lead to your ticket not scanning at successfully at the turnstiles.


Can I amend my submission?

Once you have submitted your ID and it has been validated successfully, it will not be possible for you to amend any of these details yourself online. If we require further details from you after you have submitted your ID for validation, we shall contact you directly.


If any of the above does not answer your question, then you are welcome to contact us directly.


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