ID Validation Process (Executive Members)

You can find a range of FAQs about the ID validation process on our dedicated ID Validation FAQs page. However, we recognise that our Executive Members may have some more specific questions about how this process will apply to them, for which we have prepared the following FAQs:





Executive Membership ID Validation FAQs


Will every guest using my Membership seats have to have an e-ticketing account moving forwards?

Yes, anyone entering the stadium as a ticket holder will be required to validate their ID, and will need to create an e-ticketing account first in order to do so.


Will I have to validate my ID before every game?

You will only personally need to validate your ID once.


I have a season ticket and have already validated my ID. Do I need to do it again for my Executive Membership account?

You will need to validate your ID separately, as your Executive Membership is linked to a different e-mail address and therefore a different e-ticketing account.


My account is in a company name. How do I validate a personal ID against a company name?

Each account should be validated against the lead person/named contact on the Membership. This account will go to a pending status and will then be manually reviewed and validated. If the ID validated does not match the name of the lead person on the account the validation will not be approved.


If my future guests have a One Hotspur Membership, can they validate their IDs using this account?

Yes, if your guests are One Hotspur Members they will already have an e-ticketing account so we would encourage them to login and validate their ID using this account, which they will be able to receive Premium tickets via for future matches.


What happens if I have guests who aren’t comfortable providing their details?

It is important we know exactly who is coming into the stadium, so if you invite guests and they are unwilling to create an account and validate their ID they will not be able to enter the stadium.


Will Juniors/U18s be required to validate their ID?

Supporters under the age of 18 will not be required to validate their ID at this time, though it will still be necessary to create an e-ticketing for account for any junior supporter who will be attending a game.


What if I am having trouble validating my ID?

If you are having trouble validating your ID, please refer to these FAQs for further guidance. There you will also find information about how to contact us if any issues persist.


How do I log into my e-ticketing account?

You should use your e-mail address or CRN to login to your e-ticketing account along with your password. If using your CRN, please use the lowest number if you have multiple seats and therefore multiple CRN’s within your Membership.


I have tried to reset my password using my e-mail address but haven’t had a confirmation e-mail come through.

If you have attempted to reset your password using your e-mail address and it hasn’t worked, please try using your CRN number instead.


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