Health Questionnaire FAQs

Before matchday, all match attendees will be emailed a link to complete a Health Questionnaire. Only once the questionnaire is complete will your digital ticket be activated for the match.

For information and guidance about our health questionnaire, please refer to our FAQs:



What is the health questionnaire and why am I being asked to complete it?

The questionnaire is based on a set of Premier League-approved criteria for stadium entry. The purpose of the questionnaire is to confirm that anyone attending the match is not currently displaying COVID-19 symptoms and to gain agreement from attendees that, if they or any other member of their party do develop COVID-19 symptoms in the interim, that they will not attend.

It will also ask fans to confirm that they are not travelling from an area that would restrict their ability to attend. By completing the questionnaire as accurately as possible to your knowledge, you will be helping keep yourself and your fellow supporters safe.

Only once the questionnaire is complete will your digital ticket be activated for the match.


How will my data be stored?

All personal data is held in strict accordance with GDPR regulations.


Will Juniors be required to complete a health questionnaire?

We will require questionnaires to be completed on the behalf of all supporters in attendance, including Juniors. Parents and/or guardians may complete on their behalf.


What if I am having trouble submitting my health questionnaire?

If you are having trouble completing and submitting your health questionnaire via the link provided, please contact us directly.


I have not yet received my health questionnaire – what should I do?

Health questionnaires will be sent to you after your ticket has been issued. If you have not received your questionnaire within 24 hours of receiving an email inviting you to download your ticket, please contact us directly.


What happens if I do not submit a completed health questionnaire?

A ticket will not be valid for use if the named ticket holder has not completed our ID Validation and Health Questionnaire steps, so please ensure that you do so prior to travelling to the stadium.


What happens if my health questionnaire is not approved?

If you do not pass our health questionnaire checks, please do not travel to the stadium. Your ticket will not be active for the event. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.


What if I start displaying symptoms of COVID-19 after submitting the questionnaire?

If you begin to display the symptoms of COVID-19, or are instructed to self-isolate by the Government’s Track and Trace service, please do not travel to the stadium and contact us directly.


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