Digital Ticketing FAQs

We are utilising our stadium’s technological capabilities to introduce a fully contactless digital ticketing operation.

In addition to making the matchday entry process as smooth as possible, the new system has been designed to help protect supporters’ health, safety and security by allowing us to reduce physical contact during the stadium entry process and understand who is inside the stadium on matchdays.

Please refer to our FAQs below for help and guidance on how our digital ticketing process will work:



How will digital ticketing work?

Supporters who have been successful in obtaining a ticket will be sent a link within their confirmation email. This link should not be forwarded or shared under any circumstances.  

By opening the email with the device on which you wish to load your ticket, clicking the link and following the instructions, your ticket will be downloaded directly into your Apple Wallet or Google Pay app and be ready to use.  

With your ticket safely secured in your digital wallet, you will not need to worry about printing anything off before you leave home. Just make sure your phone has sufficient battery life before setting off! 


How do I download my ticket?

iPhone users:

Step 1: Your ticket will be delivered to you via email. To download your ticket, click ‘Add to Apple Wallet’

Step 2: A pop-up will appear with your ticket. To add this to your Apple Wallet, click ‘Next’.

Step 3: On the next screen, leave Automatic Selection ticked, then click ‘Done’.

Step 4: Navigate to your Apple Wallet, where your ticket should now appear.


For Android users:

Step 1: Your ticket will be delivered to you via email. To download your ticket, click ‘GPay | Save to Phone’

Step 2: A pop-up will appear prompting you to save the ticket – to do so, click ‘Save’.

Step 3: A screen will show confirming that your ticket has been saved. To view it, navigate to your Google Pay app, where your ticket will be located. (If you have multiple tickets, they will all be located here.)

Step 4: Click on your ticket to open it. The NFC ticket will show but by scrolling down you can elect to display a QR code by unselecting ‘Hold near terminal to use’. The QR code which appears can be used in the unlikely event that your NFC pass does not scan.


When will I be sent my ticket?

The email sent to successful applicants will confirm when they can expect to receive the link to download their digital ticket.


How do I find my ticket after I've downloaded it?

Once you have successfully downloaded your digital ticket, you will be able to view it at any time by opening the Google Pay app on your Android phone or the Apple Wallet on your iPhone.

Your ticket will contain important information such as your seat and entrance details, so please be sure to check this information prior to arrival.


What do I do at the turnstiles?

Before arriving at the Stadium, you should check that the correct match details are displayed on your ticket. Once it is stored in your digital wallet, you will not need internet access for your ticket to work, but your device will need to be switched on.  

As usual, upon your arrival at the stadium your ticket will be scanned twice - once by a steward at the bottom of the steps leading up to your designated Entrance, and once on the turnstile.

On approach to your Entrance, locate your ticket held within your Apple Wallet or Google Pay app. Present your phone for the steward to scan from a safe distance. For Android devices, make sure the barcode is facing the steward. 

At the turnstile your phone should be held, screen up, over the contactless reader. You may also scan the barcode shown on your ticket under the barcode reader. 

Please note, each ticket will only work once on the turnstile – it is not possible to pass your ticket onto anyone else once you have entered the stadium. 

If you require any assistance on the day, please speak to the nearest steward.


What mobile devices are compatible?

Apple: All Face ID iPhones are supported, as are all Touch ID iPhones with the exception of the iPhone 5s. Digital ticketing is also available on all Apple Watch models.

Android:  Phones must run the latest version of Android, where possible. Google Pay must be installed and up to date, and NFC must be enabled.


What if I don’t have a smart phone or compatible device?

If you do not own a smartphone or other suitable device with which to use your digital ticket on a matchday, then we would kindly ask you to contact us within 7 days of the fixture you are due to attend, and no later than 48 hours beforehand. 

At that time we will be able to provide you with guidance about an alternative option. 

If you have purchased a Premium ticket, please contact your account manager or email


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