Season Ticket Renewals 2024/25 - FAQs

Season Ticket renewals for the 2024/25 season are open as of Wednesday 6 March and close at 5pm on Monday 20 May 2024.

Existing Season Ticket Holders will receive an email with a link to renew their ticket from within their e-ticketing account.

Should you have any questions about the renewal process, please refer to our FAQs below. If you require assistance with the digital ticketing process, please see our Digital Ticketing FAQs.


Renewing your Season Ticket

How do I renew my Season Ticket?

To renew your Season Ticket, please follow the steps below once Season Ticket renewals are open:


STEP 1: Sign in to your e-ticketing account using your CRN and password. You will have a notification in your account to 'Buy Now'.


STEP 2: Click on this notification to add your Season Ticket seat to your basket. You can also add any other Season Ticket seat(s) belonging to supporters in your Network if you can manage their tickets and if you would like to make payment for them.

Please note, if you only have permission to assign tickets to supporters in your Network, you will not be able to make a payment on their behalf. You can request permission to Manage tickets for them from within 'My Network'.


STEP 3: Once you are ready, click 'Proceed to Checkout'.


STEP 4: Choose your method of payment. If you would like to pay by credit or debit card, select this option and enter your payment details.

Please note, any credit remaining in your online e-ticketing account will be automatically deducted from the balance you are asked to pay.

There is also an option to apply for Finance should wish to pay in this way.


STEP 5: Once you have made this payment for your Season Ticket, you will receive an email receipt confirming your payment.


Can I pay via Finance?

Supporters wishing to purchase a Season Ticket from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Limited on credit terms will be able to apply for a finance arrangement which spreads the cost of payment across a 10-month period via V12 Finance. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Limited acts as a credit broker in introducing you to V12 Finance, which is the lender. This will be presented as an option when you reach the checkout stage of the renewals process within your account.

Subject to approval, payments will commence in June and continue for a further nine months. If you wish to pay via V12 Retail Finance, your loan will be subject to an arrangement fee (admin fee) of 6.70%.

REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE: One adult Season Ticket purchased at a cash price and amount of credit of £1,283.00 would be repaid by 1 monthly payment of £214.26 (which includes an arrangement fee of 6.70% equal to £85.96), followed by 9 monthly payments of £128.30. The rate of interest is 0% per annum; the total amount payable is £1,368.96 and the total charge for credit is £85.96. Representative 16.12% APR. Subject to status.



Why is my renewal price not what I was expecting?

Football is not immune to the rising costs of goods and services across the board and we continue to look at all options to minimise ticket price increases, while absorbing the vast majority of costs. In the 5 years since the stadium opened in April 2019 there has only been one Season Ticket price increase of 1.5%. There has, however, been a significant increase in matchday costs outside of our control such as utilities, rates and consumables, along with the need to continue to operate on a sustainable basis. For 2024/25, Season Ticket Prices will increase by 6%. Your renewal price for the season will therefore differ from the amount paid last season and reflect the new rate for your seat.

Please also note, if you have any account credit in your e-ticketing account, it will automatically be deducted from the balance you are asked to pay.

If you have turned 65 ahead of the 2024/25 season, please note that you must already sit in an area eligible for concessions in order to receive the concession rate.


Can I renew for another Season Ticket Holder?

If you have management rights over another Season Ticket Holder’s account, you will have the option to renew their Season Ticket on their behalf from within your online account.

To check whether you have management rights, visit the ‘Network’ section of your online account where you will see a list of everyone currently in your network. Clicking on an individual supporter’s name will show whether you can assign tickets to them or can manage tickets on their behalf. 

If you only have the ability to assign tickets you will be unable to renew their Season Ticket – you must have management rights to do this.

Should you have any queries about your network, please refer to our ‘My Network’ guide.

Please note: if you are renewing on behalf of multiple supporters, you will only have your account credit applied towards your own Season Ticket renewal. If any other supporters within your group have credit to be used, you (or they) should log directly into their account to make the renewal payment with the credit applied.


I am having trouble renewing my seat

Renewals will be live from Wednesday 6 March 2024. If you are having trouble renewing your seat, in the first instance please ensure that you follow the steps which are outlined in the email inviting you to renew your seat, or in our guide above.

If you continue to encounter difficulties, you are welcome to contact us.


Will I be sent a new Digital Season Pass after renewing?

All Season Ticket Holders who renew are advised NOT to delete the existing Digital Season Pass that you have downloaded onto your mobile device. This will be automatically updated ahead of the 2024/25 season and you will not automatically be sent a new one.

Supporters who have been issued with a Photo ID Stadium Access Card are advised to retain them as they will remain valid for the 2024/25 season and will be reactivated once you have renewed.



Account Credit

Can I use account credit towards my renewal?

Yes. Outstanding credits held in supporters’ online accounts can be used towards Season Ticket renewals.

Any credit held in your account will be automatically applied and deducted from the balance you are asked to pay.

If you are renewing on behalf of multiple supporters, you will only have your account credit applied towards your own Season Ticket renewal. If any other supporters within your group have credit to be used, you (or they) should log directly into their account to make the renewal payment with the credit applied.


What if I don’t want to renew and have credit remaining in my account?

The deadline to renew your Season Ticket is 5pm on Monday 20 May 2024.

Supporters who do not intend to renew their Season Ticket should simply not make their renewal payment and allow this deadline to pass, after which their seat will be released.

Your credit will remain within your account and you will have the opportunity to submit a cashback request after the renewals window has closed. Please see Account Cashback for further details.


Can I use another supporter's account credit towards their renewal?

If you are logged into your own account and are renewing for multiple supporters, please note that only your own account credit will be applied towards your renewal at checkout.

The account credit of the other supporters in your group will not automatically be deducted from their renewal balance.

If that supporter would like to use their account credit towards their renewal, they will need to log into their own account to complete the renewal. Alternatively, the funds will remain in their e-ticketing account and they will be able to submit a cashback request for the balance after the renewals window has closed. Please see Account Cashback for further details.




Relocating your Season Ticket

How can I relocate my Season Ticket seat?

All Season Ticket Holders will be sent an email confirming when the renewals window has opened. That email will also contain a link to an online form you may complete to register your interest in relocating seats.

The relocation form can be submitted either before or after a Season Ticket renewal is completed. However, supporters will only have the opportunity to relocate if their Season Ticket is renewed before the deadline.

Please note, if you do not already sit in an area where Senior concessions are offered, you may still apply for a relocation if you wish to change the location of your seat, but please be advised that this will not secure Senior concession pricing.

Following the closure of renewals, supporters who have submitted a relocation request form and renewed their seat will be invited to go online and select an alternative seat when the relocations window opens. We will notify all eligible supporters in advance of the window opening.

Supporters are advised that priority will be given to those who require a relocation on medical grounds. If there are large numbers of requests submitted, supporters will be invited to select alternative seats in the order that relocation forms were submitted.

Please note, we cannot guarantee that all relocation requests will be accommodated, and any relocations will be subject to availability.

To enquire about upgrading to 1882 or Premium Season Tickets, please contact the Premium team on 020 8365 5150 or via email


Can I swap seats with another supporter?

If you would like to swap seats with another supporter, you must both renew your existing seats in the first instance. You will also both need to complete the relocation form, making sure you select 'Swap with another Season Ticket Holder' as your reason for moving.


What happens if I can’t relocate to a seat I want but have already renewed?

We cannot guarantee that all relocation requests will be accommodated and any relocations will be subject to the availability of seats. 

If you are unable to relocate when invited to do so, you will retain your original seat and no further action will be required.

If you are unable to relocate your seat and do not wish to keep your Season Ticket on these grounds, we would kindly ask you to contact us prior to the start of the 2024/25 season.


If you have any other queries relating to your Season Ticket renewal, please contact us using this form.




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