Half Season Ticket FAQs

Half Season Ticket FAQs

Supporters who have purchased a Half Season Ticket may refer to the following FAQs for any queries they may have:


How do I access my Half Season Ticket?

Half Season Tickets include all home Premier League fixtures from Arsenal onwards. All supporters who have purchased their Half Season Ticket have been emailed a digital season pass via noreply@ticketmaster.co.uk. Before downloading the pass, all other passes should be removed from your mobile device.

For more guidance about digital ticketing, including what supporters without mobile devices should do, please see our Digital Ticketing FAQs.


How will my Half Season Ticket affect my ticketing points?

As is standard process when a One Hotspur Member upgrades to a Season Ticket, their ticketing points total is reset. This is because One Hotspur Members are able to accrue points at a faster rate than Season Ticket Holders, meaning the two systems are not comparable.

Supporters who have purchased a Half Season Ticket will receive points for purchasing their Season Ticket (and for subsequently renewing it each season), and will receive additional points for attending games not included in their ticket.

For further questions about ticketing points, please see our Ticketing Points FAQs.


Will my Half Season Ticket be valid for Cup games?

Whilst Cup games are not included as standard in your Half Season Ticket, you will have the opportunity to purchase your seat for Cup games which take place after 15 January. There may be occasions when your seat is not available for a certain fixture; in those cases, you will be contacted with details about purchasing an alternative.

Season Ticket Holders purchasing their usual seat for Cup games will have a dedicated window in which to make their purchase. Their seat will be placed on reserve for them for the duration of that sales window.


Can Half Season Ticket Holders use Ticket Share and Ticket Exchange?

Yes, all Season Ticket Holders, including those who purchased a Half Season Ticket, can make use of these platforms when open. Ticket Share allows supporters to forward their ticket to family or friends within their Network, whilst Ticket Exchange allows them to list their tickets for resale to other supporters.

Please click here for the list of fixtures for which Ticket Share is available.

Please click here for the list of fixtures for which the Ticket Exchange is open.




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