Premium Member Ticket Transfer

How to transfer your digital ticket

Should you be gifting your seat or seats to a friend, colleague, client or family member, we have made it easy for our Premium Members to share their tickets with guests or friends through the Ticket Transfer option in your e-ticketing account.

Tickets can be transferred directly from your e-ticketing account by simply entering the email address of the guest using their seats and selecting transfer. A different email address can be used for each available seat meaning Premium Members can quickly and easily share their tickets. Once the tickets have been transferred the recipient will receive an email containing the digital ticket. You must ensure that the recipient downloads the digital ticket to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay wallet.

If you do not have a compatible mobile device, please contact your Account Manager no later than 48 hours before kick-off. Should you be unable to contact us before then, please arrive early ahead of kick-off and head to the Ticket Office.

For further guidance of how to transfer your tickets, please refer to our Ticket Transfer Guide.



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