Personalised items

'Personalisation' means any product that is modified from its original form by either the addition of other products, additional features or design and is specifically asked for by the customer.

Personalisation also includes products that by default have additional components added (for example Hero Printed shirts or special edition items such as shirts where additional badges, patches and insignia may be applied).

This also includes all third party products and personalised gifts which are still classed as being personalised, as the original garment is supplemented by the application of additional items.

A replica shirt is also classed as personalised irrespective of whether the name is a player or a custom name being applied. It is also classed as personalised if only numbers or badges are applied to the garment or a mixture of all the above. Equally a mug (or other items) are classed as personalised where additional wording and or components are added to the original design.



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