Platinum Season Ticket

Please note that the Club have taken the decision not to accept any new Platinum members to the scheme at this time.

For existing Platinum Season Ticket Holders, please select an option below for further information:


What is included in a Platinum Season Ticket?

The Platinum / Away Season Ticket option provides access to:

    • All 19 Premier League home matches
    • All 19 Premier League away matches

Please note that the Club have taken the decision not to accept any new Platinum members to the scheme at this time.


How are the tickets allocated for Platinum Season Ticket holders?

The seats allocated for an away match will be the best available as specified by the host club and we regret that we are unable to accommodate personal requests or any relocations. During the closed season you can specify details of other platinum members you would wish to sit with at away games. 

Platinum Season Ticket holders will receive priority on away tickets in the event of away domestic cup ties.

Tickets will be automatically dispatched to the Platinum member’s address.

In the event that the away ticket allocation at a certain stadium is not sufficient to accommodate all of our Platinum members, the tickets will be allocated based on the number of loyalty points held by the Platinum member.

To minimise the chance of this occurring, the Club has capped the number of Platinum members to a maximum of 500. 


Can I apply for more than one away ticket?

Platinum members are not able to apply for extra away tickets in addition to their Away Season Ticket, unless the away tickets go on general sale. All tickets are subject to availability. 


How are ticketing points allocated?

Ticketing points for away games will be allocated at the prevailing rate as and when they occur.


How do I opt-out of the scheme?

Platinum Season Ticket holders can opt-out of the Away Cup Tie Guarantee Scheme providing that the request is received in writing to prior to the first match of the season. It is not possible to opt-out on a match by match basis.

Please note that it is not possible to cancel the Away Season Ticket once the season commences. No refunds can or will be given.




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