Season Ticket Wait list - How to Join & View Position

Supporters who purchase a One Hotspur + membership are automatically assigned a place on the Season Ticket Waiting List.

In order to maintain your position on the Season Ticket Waiting List, you will simply need to ensure that you renew your membership each year. Should you choose not to renew your membership at any stage, you will automatically forfeit your position on the Waiting List and, out of fairness to the other supporters, we will be unable to reinstate your position at a later stage.

It isn't possible to say exactly how long it will take before a supporter on the Waiting List is offered a Season Ticket, as this depends on a number of factors. However, so long as you renew each season, you will continue to progress up the list.

You are ordinarily able to check your position on the Season Ticket Waiting List by logging into your e-ticketing account. However, please note that there are times where your position may be temporarily unavailable to view - in this case, please check back later.


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