Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme (Gold Season Ticket)

What is the Automatic Cup Ticket scheme?

The Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme is a system available to Season Ticket Holders where payment details are held by the Club and charged automatically for every applicable home Cup Match.

The Club reserves the right to decide when the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme will operate and will advise Season Ticket Holders via its communications channels prior to the sales process commencing for each Cup match.


Will I be charged for every Cup game?

If you are registered on the Cup Scheme and your seat is available for that specific game, you will be charged automatically. 

There may be occasions where some Season Ticket Holders' seats are not available due to increased away ticket allocations, UEFA requirements, etc. In those instances, you will be notified in advance and will not be charged - however, you will have the opportunity to purchase an alternative seat before tickets go on sale to Members.

There may occasionally be Cup games where the Automatic Cup Scheme is not in operation. Where this is the case, this will be communicated via the ticketing update for that fixture.


Do I need to register for the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme?

This scheme is fully optional and no Season Ticket Holder is obliged to register.


I am registered on the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme but can't attend a certain game - can I opt out for that fixture?

It is not possible to opt out of the scheme for a particular home Cup Match for any reason. By joining the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme, a Season Ticket Holder is committing to purchase every home Cup Match, regardless of opponent, date, time or competition.


Can I remove myself from the Automatic Cup Ticket scheme?

If a Season Ticket Holder wishes to cancel their participation in the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme, they must put their request in writing via post or email and such requests must be received by the Club no later than 28 days prior to the first competitive League match of the Season. Upon cancellation, 10 points will be deducted from their ticketing points and it will not be possible to opt back into the Scheme for the remainder of the Season.


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