Ticketing Points (Loyalty Points)

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What are ticketing points?

Ticketing points, previously known as loyalty points, are awarded to supporters for the purchase of Season Tickets and match tickets.

Due to the limited amount of tickets available for some games, eg. away fixtures and certain Cup fixtures, supporters are only able to submit an application for a match ticket. In cases where the demand for these tickets outweighs the supply, tickets will often be distributed on a ticketing point basis, with priority being given to applicants with the highest number of points.


How do I earn ticketing points?

Season Ticket Holders and One Hotspur Members accrue ticketing points in different ways.

Season Ticket Holders receive a number of points for renewing their Season Ticket each season, with additional points being awarded to those who are registered on the Automatic Cup Ticket scheme. No further points are awarded for attendance at Premier League games, but should a Season Ticket Holder purchase a ticket for any game not included in their Season Ticket, additional points will be awarded once the ticket has been used to gain entry to the stadium for the fixture. Please note, points will not be accrued by Season Ticket Holders should they forward a ticket, or sell it on the Ticket Exchange.

One Hotspur Members receive points for purchasing/renewing their membership each season. Additionally, points are awarded for each game for which they purchase a ticket.

Please note that points will only be awarded once per client reference number for any given game, even if multiple tickets are purchased.


How many points are earned per game?

The number of points awarded per game will depend on the category of each fixture. Generally speaking, points are awarded as follows:

  • Category A games - 1 point
  • Category B games - 3 points
  • Category C games - 5 points

Points are awarded once per CRN, meaning you will not receive duplicate points for purchasing more than one ticket.

Season Ticket Holders do not receive points for Premier League games but may accrue points for purchasing tickets for any games not already included on their Season Ticket.


When do points get added?

Points for individual games, where applicable, are typically added within 3 weeks of the fixture being played, subject to a supporter's attendance at the game being confirmed.

Points for Season Ticket and One Hotspur Membership purchases are typically awarded within a week.


How can I check my ticketing points total?

You are usually able to check your points total by logging into your online e-ticketing account. On occasion, you may find that your total is not available to view, in which case we would encourage you to try checking again at a later date.


How is my points total calculated?

Our ticketing point (previously loyalty point) system runs on a rolling five-year basis. At any given time, a supporter's points total consists of the number of points they have accrued over the most recent four seasons as well as the current campaign. The only exception to this rule comes when One Hotspur + members upgrade to season tickets, at which point their totals are reset as standard.

During our most recent points review, all points associated from the 2016/17 season were removed from supporters' accounts. We also deducted the renewal points for the 2020/21 season as supporters could not accrue points as normal that season.

As of the 2022/23 season, points from the following seasons remain active:

  • 2017-2018
  • 2018-2019
  • 2019-2020
  • 2021-2022
  • 2022-2023

 Please note that points totals are dependent on continuous membership. Should your Season Ticket or One Hotspur Membership lapse at any stage, you will lose any points you may previously have accrued.

Additionally, if you upgrade from One Hotspur Membership to a Season Ticket, your points total will be reset. This is because One Hotspur Members are able to accrue points at a faster rate than Season Ticket Holders, meaning the two systems are not comparable. However, Season Ticket Holders will always receive ticketing priority over One Hotspur Members, even those with higher points totals.

Finally, if you purchase a match ticket but cancel your ticket in advance of the game being played, you will lose any points you may already have been awarded for that game.


Why do ticketing points work on a rolling basis?

The Club's ticketing point system aims to show recognition to supporters who have maintained the most active match attendance records over a number of years.

This ensures that supporters who may have accrued a large number of points many years ago but no longer attend matches frequently do not maintain an unfair advantage.


Will using Ticket Exchange/Ticket Share affect my points total?

If you are a Season Ticket Holder, you will not lose any points for selling or forwarding your ticket via either of these platforms for any Premier League games.

However, points will not be accrued for purchasing a ticket for a non-Premier League game and forwarding/reselling via these platforms.

If you are not a Season Ticket Holder, you will earn points for any ticket you purchase or accept via these platforms. The exact number will vary depending on the category of the game you attend.



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