Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Bag Policy

Our Bag Policy has been developed to ensure a safe environment for all and to significantly speed up access into the stadium for those coming without bags.

Please see here for full information:

See below for commonly asked questions:

  • Medical exemption: If you have a medical condition that requires you to bring a bag or other equipment that will not fit within below baggage size, please see how you can request a Medical Exemption.
  • Food and drink: Fans are advised not to bring their own food into the stadium due to issues of provenance, safety and rubbish generated. Discretion will be shown by stewards, however, in relation to snacks, in particular children’s snacks. 
  • Laptops: So long as it fits within a bag as per size restrictions below, it is fine.
  • Umbrellas: So long as it fits within a bag as per size restrictions below, it is fine. You can not use your umbrellas while within the stadium.

Bag restrictions:

Although we strongly advise supporters not to bring a bag of any type into the stadium, we do permit the following bags after they have been searched:

  • The Club-branded ‘Bag For Life’ that all Season Ticket Holders and One Hotspur Members received in their Membership packs - for non-members, reusable drawstring bags are also available to purchase from Spurs Shops at a price of £1
  • Clear carrier bags with a maximum size of 30cm long x 30cm high
  • Personal bags of A4 size or smaller – including laptop bags of this size



No other type of bag will be permitted inside the stadium 


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