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sold a ticket via the Ticket Exchange. When will my credit appear?

Once your seat has been sold, an e-ticketing credit will be posted to your account. You will then have the option to submit a cashback request.


How do I submit a cashback request?

Supporters wishing to withdraw any e-ticketing credit should log into My Account, then select 'Account Cashback'. 

To submit your request, please enter your nominated bank details when prompted. Please ensure that you check your account details carefully, as it is not possible to amend any cashback requests once they have been submitted.

Please note that transfers can only be made to UK bank accounts. If your bank account is based overseas, please call the ticket office directly on 0344 844 0102 (option 2).


When will my cashback request be processed?

We aim to process cashback requests monthly - please see the deadline dates below. If you miss the deadline, your payment will be made in the next payment run.  

Deadline for cashback request (10am)
Refund date
Tue-14/01/2020 Mon-20/01/2020
Mon -17/02/2020 Thu-20/02/2020
Mon - 09/03/2020 * Fri - 13/03/2020


*Please note that 13th March 2020 will be the final payment date of the 2019/20 season. All supporters wishing to withdraw funds from their e-ticketing account before renewing their season ticket must submit their cashback request by 10am on 9th March 2020.


I made a mistake/my payment failed. What should I do?

It is not possible to amend your cashback request once it has been submitted.

If your payment fails for any reason, any funds that have been returned to the Club as a failed payment will be placed back into your e-ticketing account (typically within 10 working days). You will then be able to submit a new cashback request.


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