Personalised Items and Other Exclusions

We are unable to refund any items which have been personalised. This applies to any product that is modified from its original form either by the addition of other products, additional features or design and is specifically asked for by the customer.

A replica printed shirt is classed as personalised, irrespective of whether the name is a player or a custom name being applied. It is also classified as personalised if only numbers or badges are applied to the garment or a mixture of the above.  

If you are buying a personalised or player name/number shirt, please take care to use the correct spelling and select the correct size as, in accordance with consumer regulations, personalised products are managed differently to other products and as such we will not be able to refund it in the event that it does not fit.

Additionally, we will not be liable for any changes to:

  • Players' names and/or numbers due to transfers, including where a player leaves Tottenham Hotspur
  • A personalised name or number being incorrectly selected at the time of order
  • A player's decision to change the number or name printed on a matchday shirt
  • Players' names and/or numbers worn between the pre-season and the season proper. (Please note that numbers worn by players during pre-season are not confirmed squad numbers for the season proper.)

Whilst most jewellery items can be returned if they have not been personalised, we do not accept returns on earrings, body bars, underwear or swimwear (unless faulty) for hygiene reasons if the original packaging has been opened. Mugs (or other items) are classed as personalised where additional wording and/or components are added to the original design.

PLEASE NOTE: for certain products, only player personalisation (and not custom personalisation) may be possible.




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