Matchday programme pre-order print & digital

The Club is making both digital and printed copies of our Mathday programmes available for our home fixtures against Manchester United, West Ham, Everton, Arsenal & Leicester City.

How do I buy a Programme?

Programmes can only be ordered through Reach Sport - to order, please use the below links:


What is the deadline to order my printed programme, if I want to receive it before matchday?

The deadline to order your printed copies, and to ensure you receive them in time for matchday* are as follows:

  • Manchester United - 12pm, Monday 15 June
  • West Ham - 12pm, Thursday 18 June
  • Everton - 12pm, Wednesday 1 July
  • Arsenal - 12pm, Tuesday 7 July
  • Leicester City - Awaiting Match date

*Subject to Royal Mail Delivery service.

Any orders placed after this time will be still be sent by first class, but will not be guaranteed for matchday.


Can I purchase a programme for the original Manchester United match?

Yes, copies of the Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester United postponed matchday programme ('the match that never was') can be purchased via the Spurs Shop, subject to availability.


How much does a programme cost?

Printed Programme - £3.50

Digital Programme - £1.99


How much does it cost to ship?

  • Shipping to UK is £ 1.25
  • Shipping to EU is £ 3.50
  • Shipping to Worldwide is £ 4.50


I have not yet received my printed copy, who can I contact?

As these orders are being processed and delivered by Reach Sport, you will need to contact them directly:


They are open Monday to Friday - 10am to 5pm


How does a digital programme work?

Our digital programme will contain everything included in the printed version with the added excitement of selected pages being brought to life by video clips and interactive content. 

  • Click on the above link
  • Register on the portal
  • Select the Programme
  • Click Buy Now
  • Enter your card details and confirm payment
  • You will see a success page
  • You will receive an email receipt containing a link via which you will be able to access your programme on each matchday
  • The programme will be available from Midday on the link or alternatively, via the weblink above.


How do I use the digital programme?

  • You can use phone, tablet, computer or a laptop to access the link received.
  • You can use the right and left cursors to turn the pages, or swipe through on your touch-screen device.
  • Alternatively, you can use the menu icon in the top right of your screen to select 'Page Overview' and simply select to jump directly to any page, without scrolling through manually.
  • On selected pages, you’ll see a ‘Play’ button within an article. When you click on it, a video relevant to the article you’re reading will pop up in front of the page for you to watch and enjoy.
  • There are two modes you can choose from to view the articles
    1. Article mode (recommended): Simply click on the article text and the full story will appear in article mode. This is an easy-to-read pop-up box that appears over the top of the page, fits the screen on your device with text at an appropriate font size and allows you to scroll down as you read the article.
    2. Page mode: Use the +/- icons in the navigation menu, spread/pinch your screen, double-click or scroll your mouse wheel (depending on your device) to zoom in and read the article as it looks on the page. When you've finished reading, click the refresh icon in the navigation menu to zoom back out and see the full page before turning onto a new page.


I am having technical issues ordering my programme, who can help?

If you are experiencing issues with the website and cannot log in, please contact directly.


How do I access my Digital Programme?

The digital edition can be viewed by following the link on your receipt and can be accessed from matchday.

You do not need to download it to any device.

If you have not received your receipt or are having issues accessing the digital programme, please contact technical support via email on with details of the issue you are experiencing.

 The digital programme will be available from match day.


The Reach Sport platform is hosted by InPlayer - if you have any issues accessing your Reach Sport account, you can reach out to the InPlay support team directly on - 


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