One Hotspur Retail Voucher and Membership Pack FAQs

Retail Vouchers FAQs

Membership Pack FAQs



Retail Vouchers FAQs


Who will receive a retail voucher? 

In addition to other benefits, for the 2024/25 season all Adult & Senior Season Ticket Holders and One Hotspur Members will receive a retail voucher via email. They will also be available for members to view via the One Hotspur Hub once logged in.

All Junior Season Ticket Holders and Members will receive a physical gift pack.


When will I receive my voucher? 

Renewed One Hotspur Members will be emailed their voucher on 4 June 2024. They will be able to access their code within 24 hours via the One Hotspur Hub once logged into their account online.

Any supporter who purchases a membership during the season will be emailed with their voucher within an hour of purchase and will also be able to view their code within their One Hotspur Hub.


What should I do if I haven't received my voucher? 

Your voucher will be emailed to you within an hour of your membership purchase. We would recommend checking your inbox's junk/spam folder if your email does not arrive within this timeframe.

Alternatively, within 24 hours of purchase you will be able to view your code via the One Hotspur Hub. To do so, please log into your account on, click your name in the top right corner, then click One Hotspur Hub.



How can I redeem my voucher? 

Please refer to the steps below for guidance on how to redeem your retail voucher online: 

Step 1 - Visit our Spurs Shop Online here

Step 2 - Once you have decided what item(s) you would like to purchase, simply add them to your basket.

Step 3 - Before checking out you will be able to view your item(s) in the 'Your Bag' page. If you've not already had to enter your voucher code, please enter it on this page and press 'submit' to ensure your discount is applied. 

Step 4 - Once your discount has been applied to your basket, checkout to proceed to the payment stage and complete your order. Please note:

  • If your order total exceeds the value of your voucher, you will be required to pay the difference by debit/credit card or PayPal.
  • Any remaining balance will be non-redeemable at a later date.


What if I’m having issues redeeming my voucher? 

In the first instance, you should ensure that you have followed the steps above. 

If you have already attempted to use your voucher but did not complete your transaction, your code will be temporarily locked. Please allow 30 minutes – 1 hour before attempting to redeem it again. 

Please also note that vouchers cannot be used either in conjunction with any other vouchers or towards the purchase of sale items, gift cards or third-party products. However, you are welcome to redeem yours against any other item sold in the Spurs Shop.

In the unlikely event that any issues persist, please contact us directly. 


Do any exclusions apply?

Vouchers can be used to purchase any product from the Spurs Shop with no minimum spend, excluding sale items, gift cards and third party products. However, please note that your voucher cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other voucher code.


Can I use my voucher for multiple purchases? 

No, vouchers are limited to one transaction. 


When will my voucher expire? 

All retail vouchers issued for the 2024/25 season will expire on 31/05/2025.  


Can I use my voucher in a Spurs Shop? 

Yes, you may redeem your voucher in person as well as online.


Are there any items I cannot purchase using my voucher? 

With the exception of sale items, gift cards and third-party products, you can use your voucher towards the purchase of all items in the Spurs Shop.


Why am I being asked to enter my card details?

Even if your voucher covers the cost of all items in your basket, you will still be asked to enter your card details when completing your order. These card details will be charged for any delivery costs that are incurred and, if applicable, the outstanding order balance.


Can I use my voucher to pay for my delivery costs?

Your retail voucher can be applied towards products for sale in the Spurs Shop. It cannot, however, be used towards delivery costs.




Membership Pack FAQs


Who will receive a membership pack?

All Junior One Hotspur Members and Junior Season Ticket Holders will be sent a membership pack.

All other Members and Season Ticket Holders will be sent a digital gift voucher.


When will membership packs be sent out?

Packs will be dispatched before the end of July for all renewed Junior Members and Junior Season Ticket Holders.

An email from our fulfilment warehouse will be sent to each Junior’s registered email address once their pack has been dispatched. Deliveries to UK addresses may take up to 7 working days, whilst deliveries to addresses based outside the UK may take up to 15 working days, though in most cases packs do arrive sooner than this.

Juniors who become Members throughout the season can expect to receive their pack within three weeks of purchase.


I haven't received my pack

An email notification is sent once a pack has been dispatched from our fulfilment warehouse. If you are UK-based we would ask you to wait 7 working days for delivery, and if you are based overseas we would ask you to wait 15 working days, though in most cases packs do arrive sooner than this.

If your pack does not arrive within these timeframes, please contact us.


My pack was sent to the wrong address

If your pack is dispatched to an old/incorrect address, there won’t be any immediate action that we can take since it will already have left our fulfilment warehouse.

However, in most cases, these packs are returned to us as undelivered. Maximum delivery times are 7 working days for UK-based supporters and 15 working days for supporters based overseas. It can take a further three weeks for undelivered packs to be returned to us, though often packs reach us sooner than this.

Once your pack does arrive back at our warehouse, you will receive an email informing you of how to update your details and request that your pack is re-sent to your new address. However, in the unlikely event that you do not receive an update within these timeframes, we would kindly ask you to contact us.


An item was missing/damaged from my pack

In the unlikely event that your pack was delivered with an item missing or damaged, we would kindly ask you to contact us.




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