Purchasing Tickets Online (Disability Access Scheme) - FAQs

**Please note that the following FAQs are for supporters enquiring about purchasing tickets for football events held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium only**


We are delighted to confirm that members of our Disability Access Scheme are now able to purchase match tickets online, making it more accessible and convenient to attend matches.

Our online access guide contains a full step-by-step process explaining how to purchase tickets online. However, we have also prepared the following FAQs which we hope will answer any additional queries you may have.

Please note that, as before, Season Ticket Holders will only be required to purchase tickets that are not already included on their Season Tickets.



How can I purchase tickets online?

If you are registered on the Disability Access Scheme and would like to purchase tickets online, please take a read of our online access guide which provides a full explanation of how you can do so.



What time can I purchase tickets online?

Tickets for accessible seating will be on sale from 2pm on any given fixture's on-sale date.



Can I still purchase tickets via the phone?

If you're unable to purchase tickets online, please be assured that you will still be able to call us directly to purchase a ticket over the phone.



What if I experience trouble purchasing tickets?

In the unlikely event that you experience any trouble purchasing tickets online, in the first instance we would advise you to refer to our online access guide so you can ensure that you are following the purchase process correctly.

If any problems persist then you're welcome to contact us directly. If your query is urgent you may wish to phone us on 0344 844 0102.



Can I purchase general admission seating online?

If you would like to purchase a general admission seat for another supporter, you will be able to so long as that supporter is part of your Network and is themselves eligible to purchase a ticket. (You would not, for example, be able to purchase a ticket for a non-member in a member priority window.)

As always, tickets are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee the availability of tickets in any given area for any given game.



Can a supporter not registered on the Disability Access Scheme purchase online for me?

Accessible seating will only be available to purchase online for supporters registered on the Disability Access Scheme. Please note that you will need to be logged in before you can make a purchase.





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