Virtual Venue Fan Guide

Virtual Venue is a fully-integrated 3D view of the Stadium which allows fans to retrieve availability, pricing information and Premium Experiences, amongst other features, to provide a fully-integrated fan journey before they buy. 




You can find further information about some of the features of Virtual Venue below. 




The header bar controls various aspects of the Virtual Venue interaction. You can filter seats to find the best match for your needs.



1. Using the '-' and '+' buttons, select the number of tickets you require. The quantity selector will only show the availability of sections based on the number of seats selected. This will also automatically select the number of seats for the fan on the seat to view.



2. You can set the price range by using the price bar slider, or by typing in the lowest price range (left box) and the highest price range (right box) - this will filter the seats available based on the price range selected.



3. 'Select Seat Attribute(s)' selector updates availability based on the specific attributes selected. For example, to view our Premium Experiences on sale, select 'Premium' from the menu.



4. Click this toggle to filter accessibility seats available for the selected fixture.



5. Click this to reset your filter options and start again.



6. The 'Compare Seats' feature allows fans to view multiple selected seats on the map and compare them side by side.




The compass view allows fans to change the orientation of the Virtual Venue map and contains 5 key views, 4 directional views and a top-down view.



View Available Seats

If selected, the 'View Available Sections' tool opens a list of available seats without the fan needing to click on each section view.

Once the fan clicks on the preferred section, they are taken to the 3D area view to select their seats.

10.png   11.png


Selecting a Seat

a) To select your seats using the Virtual Venue map, click on the preferred 3D section in the map. This will zoom in on the area and all available seats will be highlighted in green.

Hovering over a seat provides a view of the stadium from the seat, as well as the section, row and seat details. The number of seats selected in the quantity selector are highlighted in blue when hovering over and will be added if the seats are selected.



b) Once a seat is selected, the fan will see the 3D view from the seat in the stadium. The fan can then select the ticket type and price for their seat, before clicking 'Add to Basket' to add the seat to their basket. It is also possible to compare your seats at this stage (please see Compare Seats below).

13.png   14.png



This means there is important information associated with the seat(s) - to display, hover over the icon.



Compare Seats

To compare multiple seats, you can either click on 'Compare Seats' in the filter bar or you can click on 'Compare Seats' when individually selecting the seat. To begin the process, first select the section and seats you wish to compare.

  1. Once selected, Figure 1 below will show you your selection. To add more seats to compare, click on 'Select a Seat View to Compare' - this will take you back to the stadium 3d seat view.
  2. You can now select another section and set of seats (you can compare up to 3 sections).
  3. To remove any seats, click on 'Remove from Compare' - see Figure 2.
  4. Once you have selected all seats you wish to compare, click on 'Compare All Seats'.


Figure 1:


Figure 2:



Figure 3:



'Compare All Seats' will then show the multiple seats selected in the compare panel. If you are happy with a selection, and you wish to purchase the seat, click on 'Add to Cart' below the chosen seats to proceed to payment and checkout (this process has not changed).




Virtual Venue has full accessibility support. When a fan clicks on the accessibility toggle, it is enabled and shows the fans all available accessible areas.



All accessible seats will show the accessible icon.



Following the selection of an accessibility restricted seat, if the fan is eligible for companion tickets, when they select 'Add to Cart' they will be presented with a pop up showing them the associated companion seats. To add the companion seat to the booking:


1. Click 'Select' when the seat details are presented



2. Click 'Add Seats to Cart'



Both seats will now appear in your 'Selected Seats' view to continue to 'Add to Cart'.


Change to Best Available

If fans do no wish to select their own seat using the 3D Virtual Venue Map, then it is possible to switch this off and allow the system to choose the best available seats.

Click on 'Find Seats for Me' in the navigation bar, which will take you out of the 3D view.



Mobile Responsive

Virtual Venue is fully mobile responsive with most features easily accessible.


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