Ticket Share (Season Ticket Holders)

The following guidance is for Season Ticket Holders. If you are not a Season Ticket Holder and have a query about Ticket Share, please refer to our guidance for One Hotspur Members or non-Members.


How do I forward a ticket via Ticket Share?

When the Ticket Share platform is live for the game you're not able to attend, please follow the steps below. Please note that the recipient must have their own CRN and be part of your Network.

  1. Login to your eTicketing account 
  2. Click the person icon in the top right
  3. Navigate to ‘Manage Tickets’
  4. Select the fixture that you're unable to attend
  5. Select the seats that you wish to share
  6. Click 'Forward to Friend'
  7. Select the recipient from within your Network
  8. The recipient will then be notified by email and asked to 'accept' the ticket

If the recipient hasn’t accepted their ticket, you can cancel your request. However, once the ticket has been accepted it is not possible to reverse this.

Please note that gifted tickets must be accepted in order to be valid for use.

Concession tickets can be shared with Adults at no additional cost.


How will the recipient receive the ticket I have shared?

All tickets accepted via Ticket Share will be sent to the recipient as a digital download link which they must download onto their own compatible mobile device. If they do not own one, or are using a Photo ID Stadium Entry card, please see below.


What if the recipient does not have a smart phone?

If the recipient of a Ticket Share ticket does not have a smart phone but will be sitting with another supporter who does have one, it will be possible for both your and their tickets to be downloaded to the same device.

To do so, the recipient should forward the email containing their ticket to the email address of the other supporter. That supporter may then download their ticket onto their mobile device in addition to their own pass or ticket.

Alternatively, if this is not possible, they should complete this form at the earliest opportunity. 


What if I change my mind about a ticket I have forwarded?

If the recipient has not accepted your ticket offer, you will have the option to cancel the pending offer from within your e-ticketing account. If they have already accepted the ticket then this cannot be reversed.


Can I still go to the game if my ticket wasn't accepted?

In the event of the ticket not being accepted, your ticket will remain valid for the game.


I have tried to share my ticket but the recipient has declined it. What now?

If the ticket has been declined, it will remain valid for you to use. Alternatively, you can also select another person to transfer your ticket to.


Can I use Ticket Share for a Disabled Access seat?

Yes, please contact access@tottenhamhotspur.com for further details, making sure to include the CRN of the Access supporter to whom you are trying to gift your ticket. Please note that as these are dedicated accessible seating areas you will only be able to share with other Access Scheme members.



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