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How can Members buy tickets?

Ticket on-sale dates are advertised on the Club's ticketing page, with tickets being released first to One Hotspur + Members, followed by One Hotspur Members. When tickets are on sale for your tier of membership, log into your account and select the fixture you would like to attend to check availability. Seats released by the Club will be listed in blue, and seats listed for sale on the Ticket Exchange will be outlined in red. (Ticket Exchange purchases are strictly non-refundable.)


How many tickets can Members buy?

During the One Hotspur priority windows, Members are able to purchase one ticket each, subject to availability. In the event of a Guest Sale, it is usually possible to purchase an additional three tickets, though this may change from fixture to fixture. In the event of a General Sale, it is usually possible to purchase up to six tickets, though again this may change dependent on the fixture.



How much are tickets? 

The price of tickets varies according to the category of game and where you choose to sit. 

Pricing for the 2023/24 season is as follows:

Different pricing models, including family packages, may operate for certain Cup fixtures. If so, specific details about this will be announced when each of those Cup games goes on sale.


How will Members receive their Match Tickets?

Please refer to our Digital Ticketing guidance for One Hotspur Members for full details.


Do you offer concession pricing?

When purchasing matchday tickets, concession pricing is applicable in certain blocks subject to availability.

If it is available in the block you have chosen, you will have the option to select the applicable price class prior to adding the seat to your basket. If it is not available in the block you have chosen, all tickets will be offered for sale at the Adult price.

Where applicable, concession pricing is offered on the following types of ticket:

  • Junior - under 18s
  • Young Adult - (18-21)
  • Senior (over 65)

Concession pricing does not apply to tickets purchased on Ticket Exchange.


Can Members buy tickets in a group? 

Ordinarily, Members are only able to purchase one ticket each. However, if a group of Members would like to purchase tickets together, this is possible if they are all part of each other's networks. See My Network for further information about adding other supporters to your network. Subject to availability, you will be able to add multiple seats to your basket and reassign them to other Members in your network prior to checkout. Please note that you will be unable to purchase tickets for a One Hotspur Member if tickets are only on sale to One Hotspur + Members.


What is a Guest Sale? 

If a game has not sold out to One Hotspur Members, it may reach Guest Sale. This means that Members will have the option to purchase extra tickets where availability allows. Usually it is possible to purchase up to three extra tickets per membership during Guest sales, though this number may vary from game to game. Non-Members cannot purchase tickets for themselves during Guest Sales, and we are unable to guarantee that any given game will reach this sales phase.


What is a General Sale / Restricted General Sale?

If a game has not sold out either to One Hotspur Members or at the Guest Sale stage, it may reach General Sale. In this instance, any supporter will be able to purchase tickets subject to availability. No membership is required - all they will need is an account, which is free to create. Usually it is possible to purchase up to six tickets per transaction during General Sales, but this number may vary from game to game.

In some cases, a General Sale will be Restricted. This means that, whilst no membership is needed to purchase tickets, you will have to have registered your account with us prior to a specified date in order to be eligible to make a booking. Decisions to place restrictions on a General Sale are made in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police, local authorities and the Club's Safety teams and we are unable to make any exceptions.

We are unable to guarantee that any given game will reach either General Sale or Restricted General Sale as ticket availability will vary from fixture to fixture.


Can I buy tickets in a safe standing area?

The following areas of our South Stand are designated for safe standing:

  • Rows 1-29, Blocks 248, 249, 250, 251, 252, 254, 256, 257, 258, 259, 260
  • Rows 71-82, Blocks 323, 324, 451, 452, 453

Tickets may be purchased in these blocks subject to availability.

Safe standing is also permitted in the Away section.


Can Members buy tickets to away games?

As the visiting team, we are given an allocation of tickets by the home team for these fixtures. Due to the extremely high level of demand for these tickets, applications for these tickets open first to Season Ticket Holders.

Only in the event of our ticket allocation not being taken up by Season Ticket Holders would applications open to One Hotspur Members.



Do children/babies need a ticket?

Yes, all supporters entering the Stadium, regardless of age, will have to purchase their own ticket. This includes babes in arms. This is a safety requirement which we must adhere to in order to remain compliant with our Stadium licensing conditions.

Whilst we do not prohibit babes in arms from coming into the Stadium, we do ask all parents and guardians to carefully consider if a football stadium is an appropriate environment before bringing a very small child to the ground.

Supporters under the age of 18 will qualify for Junior pricing in areas where concessions apply.




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