Ticket Share (One Hotspur Members)

The following guidance is for One Hotspur Members. If you are a Season Ticket Holder or do not have a membership, please refer to our guidance for Season Ticket Holders or non-Members.


Can One Hotspur Members forward tickets through Ticket Share?

It is not possible for One Hotspur Members to forward tickets to other supporters via Ticket Share. We would therefore encourage Members only to purchase tickets for fixtures that they are able to attend.

If circumstances change and a Member is no longer able to attend a fixture for which they have a ticket, they may request a refund no later than seven days before the game.


Can One Hotspur Members receive tickets through Ticket Share?

Yes, it is possible for One Hotspur Members to accept tickets via Ticket Share. 

Before a supporter can gift you a ticket, they must first ensure that they have added you to their Network.

Once this has been done, when Ticket Share is operational for the chosen fixture, the original ticket holder will be able to forward their ticket to you via 'Manage Tickets' within their account.

Please click here to check which fixtures Ticket Share is currently open for.


How do I accept a ticket via Ticket Share?

A gifted ticket must be accepted by the recipient in order for it to be valid for use. Failure to accept the ticket will mean that it will stay assigned to the original ticket owner.

Once you have been gifted a ticket, you will receive an email notification. To accept your ticket, please follow these steps:

  1. Either click the link within the email or log into your e-ticketing account
  2. Click the icon of a person in the top right corner
  3. Click 'View Account Menu' then 'Forwarded Tickets'
  4. Select the ticket gifted to you and follow the steps to accept it.
  5. Once accepted, you will receive an email containing a link to download your digital ticket.

For further assistance on how to access your ticket, including what to do if you do not have a smart phone, please see our digital ticketing guidance for One Hotspur Members.


Once I have accepted my ticket, how will I receive it?

All Ticket Share tickets are issued as digital tickets, which will be emailed to the recipient as soon as the ticket has been accepted. Once received, it must be downloaded to your mobile device.

Tickets accepted via Ticket Share will not be loaded onto Digital Member Passes or Photo ID Stadium Entry Cards.

If you do not have a smart phone, please see below.


How will I receive my ticket if I do not have a smart phone?

If you do not have a smart phone but will be sitting with another supporter who does have one, it will be possible to download both your and their tickets to the same device.

To do so, please open the email containing your digital ticket and forward it to the email address of the supporter you're attending with. This will enable them to download your ticket in addition to their own.

Alternatively, if this is not possible, please complete this form as soon as possible.



Will I receive ticketing points for a ticket sent to me via Ticket Share?

Yes, One Hotspur Members will receive ticketing points for games accessed via Ticket Share so long as their ticket is scanned at the game. Failure to scan the ticket will result in points not being added.


When is the latest that I can accept a Ticket Share offer?

You will have the option to accept your ticket until just before kick-off, unless the Season Ticket Holder who gifted you the ticket decides to withdraw it first.




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