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Bag Policy | Prohibited Items

We welcome supporters who wish to bring flags to matches at our stadium. They should be no more than 250cm in size at their widest or longest section and flagpoles must be no greater than 1m in length. Flags must not obstruct gangways, access routes, exits and entrances, health and safety signage and stairways. 

The Club has always considered that a football match is a time to show allegiance to a football team first and foremost. A football match is not an appropriate arena to display flags of any political or religious affiliation or anything that could possibly be considered inflammatory – this can include national flags during times of political conflicts, campaigns or issues.

We shall liaise with other clubs concerning the application of our policy at away matches.


Approving your flag

In order to ensure smooth access and display of your flag we advise that you get it pre-approved. You can do this by completing the below form a minimum of one week prior to bringing the flag to a match.

We reserve the right to deny permission or confiscate flags if they are above an acceptable size, compromise public safety or obscure someone’s view or a camera position. 




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