Digital Ticketing (Season Ticket Holders)

This is our digital ticketing guidance for Season Ticket Holders. If you are a not a One Hotspur Member, please see our guidance for One Hotspur Members or non-Members.


How do Season Ticket Holders receive their match tickets?

Please select the type of fixture you are enquiring about:

Premier League games - sitting in usual Season Ticket seat

All Season Ticket Holders have been issued with a Digital Season Pass - this should be downloaded onto your mobile device and not deleted.

Your ticket for each game included in your Season Ticket will be loaded automatically onto your Digital Season Pass (or Photo ID Stadium Entry Card), which should update automatically. Even if you cannot see the details of the next fixture, there is no need to be concerned. Your ticket will still have been loaded onto your pass and will still work at the turnstiles, unless you have gifted it or resold it via Ticket Share or Ticket Exchange.

Cup games (domestic and European)

Same Seat

If you purchase your usual Season Ticket seat, your ticket will be loaded onto your Digital Season Pass (or Photo ID Stadium Entry Card) as normal.

Different Seat

If you purchase a different seat your ticket will not be loaded onto your pass and will be issued instead as a digital ticket from Please ensure that you download it and scan this digital ticket at the turnstiles instead of your pass.


Additional tickets purchased during Guest Sale or General Sale windows

Additional guest tickets purchased under your CRN will be issued as individual digital tickets via email from You should forward this email to each of your guests so that they may download their own digital ticket to their mobile device.

Please note, the email containing your guests' digital tickets will not include your own ticket if it has already been loaded onto your Digital Season Pass.


How to download and access your Digital Pass/Ticket

Season Ticket Holders should follow these guides for information on how to download and access your Digital Pass:


Season Ticket Holders without mobile devices

If you do not own a smart phone and have no way of downloading a digital ticket or pass to a mobile device for use on matchday, please contact us via this form as soon as possible. Please also complete this form on behalf of any Junior Season Ticket Holders who do not possess a smart phone.


Attending with Guests without a mobile device

If you have bought Guest tickets for supporters without their own mobile device, you may download their individual digital ticket(s) to your own mobile device to scan at the turnstiles.

If you purchased their ticket then it will be sent to you via email from You may download the ticket directly from the email to your mobile device. If their ticket was sent to them via Ticket Share, they will have been sent their digital ticket via email (also from They will need to forward that ticket to your email address so you can download it to your device.

Please note that any digital tickets issued to your guests are separate to your own Digital Season Pass. You must therefore ensure that you scan the digital ticket when your guest enters and your Digital Season Pass when you enter.

If using multiple tickets on one device, we would strongly encourage you to wait until your guests have all successfully entered the stadium before you scan your own pass.


How do I find my pass after I've downloaded it?

Season Ticket Holders who have successfully downloaded their digital passes will be able to view them at any time by opening either their Apple Wallet (iPhone) or Google Wallet app (Android).

The pass will update automatically within seven (7) days of each match the supporter is due to attend. 


Will I receive a new Digital Pass when I renew my Season Ticket?

Please do not delete your current digital pass or throw away your card. It will remain valid for the 2023/24 season. Please click here if you have deleted your pass.

Only supporters who have made changes to their Season Ticket will be sent a new pass. In those cases, the original pass can be deleted as a new pass will be issued and will need to be downloaded.






I have deleted my pass / I can't find my pass

Passes are only sent once so please do not delete your pass from your mobile device. 

If you delete it inadvertently, please try to locate the original email you were sent containing the link to download it. It will have been sent from You should find that you are still able to download it using the original email link.

Should you be unable to locate or re-download your pass, please contact us via this form as soon as possible.


My digital pass has not updated with the upcoming fixture

If your pass has not updated with details of an upcoming fixture you are due to attend, please ensure that it has not already been issued to you another way.

If your ticket is supposed to be on your pass and it hasn't updated, you can follow the troubleshooting steps below. However, we would like to assure you that your pass will still be fine to use provided your ticket has not been shared/re-sold and you have an active ACN.


Apple/iPhone Users:

You can try manually updating your pass by following these steps:

  • Navigate to your pass in your Apple Wallet
  • Tap on the 3 dots
  • Turn off "Automatic Updates", wait a moment, then turn it back on 
  • Alternatively, hold the icon and swipe down.
  • Wait for the pass to say “updated just now”
  • Once the spinning wheel has disappeared, tap on the back arrow in the top left-hand corner to return to the main pass.
  • The next fixture should now be displayed

If you have recently updated your phone and your pass has been removed, then scroll down and click “Edit Passes” to unhide the pass and the follow the above steps to manually update it.


Android Users

  • First check you are using the most up to date version of the Google Wallet app (previously GPay)
  • Check you don't have multiple tickets attached to your pass by tapping on the pass and swiping left to right on the last fixture.
  • Alternatively, we recommend you power your device off and on again.


My block/row/seat details aren't showing (Android)

If you are using an Android phone and your block/row/seat details have not updated, this isn't anything to worry about. Your match ticket will still be loaded onto your digital pass as usual*. We would encourage you to simply make a note of your seat details prior to travelling to the Stadium or, alternatively, having your confirmation email to hand so that you can check your seat details.

*unless your ticket was gifted via Ticket Share or purchased during a Guest/General Sale. These tickets are all issued as individual digital tickets and sent separately.


My pass is showing as expired

Even if your pass is showing as expired in your phone's wallet, please be assured that it will still be valid for use.

You can attempt to move your pass into your phone wallet by following the below steps: 


  1. Open your Apple Wallet app
  2. Tap on "View Expired Passes"  (you might need to scroll down if you have lots of passes in your wallet)
  3. Select the relevant pass, and then select 'Unhide'
  4. Now go back to the main Apple Wallet screen
  5. Your pass should reappear


If your pass shows as “expired” then don’t worry, provided you do not sell it on Ticket Exchange or gift it via Ticket Share (Season Ticket Holders only), and you have the correct ACN when you click on the 3 dots or the “show details” button on your pass, then this will work on the turnstiles for the next game. Your pass is unique to you and your seat.

Your ACN will be confirmed to you via email in the days leading up to the game. 


I am having issues downloading my pass/ticket - troubleshooting tips

For anyone experiencing issues downloading their pass or ticket, please try the following useful tips:

Apple Users

  • Tap 'Apple Wallet' rather than 'Google Wallet' 
  • Check your pass or ticket has not already downloaded 
  • Ensure mobile data is switched on
  • In Safari settings, ensure “Block cookies” and “Block Pop-ups” are turned off.
  • Downloads should be set to 'On My iPhone' rather than 'iCloud Drive'.
  • Only open the email in your phone’s native mail app. 
  • Turn your phone off and on
  • If you are using a work phone, you may be blocked from opening certain links and attachments - please forward the email with your digital ticket to your personal phone


Android Users

  • Tap 'Google Wallet' rather than 'Google Wallet'
  • Check Google Wallet is downloaded to your device
  • Check your pass or ticket has not already downloaded
  • Set your default browser to Google Chrome 
  • Samsung users may need to set Google Wallet to default
  • Ensure mobile data is switched on
  • Check your settings and ensure you have no pop-up blockers enabled.
  • Only open the email in your phone’s native mail app. 
  • Turn your phone off and on
  • If you are using a work phone, you may be blocked from opening certain links and attachments - please forward the email with your digital ticket to your personal phone


If you have tried all of the steps above and are still having problems, please contact us via this form as soon as possible.



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