Ticket Exchange (Season Ticket Holders)

This is our Ticket Exchange guidance for Season Ticket Holders. If you are a One Hotspur Member or do not have a membership, please see our guidance for One Hotspur Members and non-Members.


Will the Ticket Exchange open for the fixture I can't attend?

It is possible to check if the Ticket Exchange is open for the fixture you can't attend by checking this page, which is updated regularly.


When will I receive my account credit from a Ticket Exchange sale?

If your seat sells for a particular fixture, your account will be credited immediately following the sale.

If you have a UK bank account, you can request to withdraw any funds in your e-ticketing account by submitting a cashback request. Please see Account Cashback for further details. If you do not have a UK bank account but require access to the credit held in your account, please contact us.

Please note that cashback requests are processed once per month and you must ensure that your request is submitted ahead of each month's deadline to ensure that your request is processed. Failure to submit your request by the stated deadline will result in your request being processed the following month.

Any credit left in your account at the end of the season will be applied automatically against the cost of your Season Ticket renewal next season.


What if I've changed my mind about the seat I've listed for sale?

If your seat has not already sold, you will be able to cancel your Ticket Exchange listing at any time from within your e-ticketing account. If the seat has already been sold to another supporter then you will not have this option.


How do I sell my ticket on the Ticket Exchange?

If the Ticket Exchange platform is open for the game you're unable to attend and you would like to list your ticket for resale, please follow the steps below if you have a standard, general admission seat.* 

  1. Log into your e-ticketing account
  2. Click 'Manage Tickets'
  3. Select the fixture you are unable to attend 
  4. Select the seat(s) you wish to list for resale
  5. Click 'Sell on Ticket Exchange', then 'Review Order'
  6. Ensure you have agreed to the T&Cs, then click 'Complete Purchase'

You will receive an email to confirm your seat has been listed successfully, and you will also receive an email notifying you if your seat sells.

Please note that the Ticket Exchange opens at the Club's discretion. You can check here if Ticket Exchange is currently operational for the fixture you cannot attend.

*If your seat is in one of our dedicated accessible areas, please refer to the question below instead.


Can supporters on the Disability Access Scheme use the Ticket Exchange?

Yes, you can list your ticket for sale online for other members of the Disability Access Scheme to purchase. In order to list your ticket on the Ticket Exchange, please email access@tottenhamhotspur.com.


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