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Change booking details

Tickets are strictly non-transferrable unless via Ticket Share.

Tickets must be used by the named individual on the ticket/membership card.

The unauthorised sale of match tickets for any monetary value is a criminal offence under UK law and is a matter we take very seriously. Please see here for more information: Official Sellers & Unauthorised Ticket Information

If you have made a mistake with your booking and you'd like to be refunded, please see details below.

Change delivery address

  • Tickets: Please log into your account and update your address details, instructions here: Change your address or account details.
  • Shop Order: Please get in contact with our Spurs Shop team, if your order hasn't already been processed they'll be able to update the order address /items for you. Note: If you wish to add something to your order, please call us so we can take the additional payment over the phone (as we're unable to do this via email). 

Refund an existing ticket booking

  • Tickets purchased via Ticket Exchange are strictly not-transferrable nor refundable, please see here for more details: Ticket Exchange and Ticket Share
  • Regular tickets, not purchased via Ticket Exchange: Tickets can be cancelled subject to receiving written notice (via refund form or email) and any match tickets returned by no later than 7 days prior to the match, send us a message via the Refund request form (remember to select the correct match from the drop-down and include your booking confirmation number). We can not cancel tickets via a phone call.

Request A Ticket Refund


Refund or return something from the store

If you have ordered something via the Spurs store, please see here

How do I get a refund on tickets sold via Exchange? 

If you don't wish your funds to be deducted from your next Season Ticket renewal, please login to your online account, visit the “My Account” page > then “Ticket Exchange Rebate”. Rebates are processed monthly.

If your tickets were sold via Ticket Exchange, your account will be credited after the match has been played and you can request My Cashback. For My Cashback payment dates please see here



Contact Us

We're available Monday - Friday 9:30am to 5pm (except for Match days, more info)​.

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    • Call us: 0344 844 0102 (UK) or from overseas on +44 20 7998 1068 option 2


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