Away Ticket Information and FAQs

As the visiting Club, we only receive a limited number of tickets for each away game. For this reason, an application process is used to allocate tickets.

Applications always open first to Season Ticket Holders. Should we be oversubscribed with applications from season ticket holders, the Ticketing Point system is used to determine who has been successful. Applications will only open to One Hotspur Members In the event that we are undersubscribed after the Season Ticket Holder application deadline passes.

Across the season, 80% of the away allocation is given to General Admission Season Ticket Holders, including those on our Access scheme, with the remaining 20% allocated to Premium Members, players' families, Club staff and partners. Any tickets returned from the 20% will then be allocated to initially unsuccessful General Admission applicants in order of Ticketing Points.

Regrettably, due to the high levels of demand, tickets are not available for non-members. Additionally, We are also unable to make any exceptions for overseas supporters or special occasions.


How do I apply for an away game?

Once applications open for any given away game, applications can be made via our e-ticketing website. Applications will open first to Season Ticket Holders. Should Season Ticket Holders not take up our full allocation of tickets, applications would then open to One Hotspur Members.

Please note that we are unable to accept late applications.


How will I know I have been successful?

Once the ticketing point cut-off has been determined, an email is sent to supporters confirming whether or not their applications were successful. The Away Ticket Information page is also updated.

Payment will subsequently be collected from the lead booker's card, and the tickets will then be sent to the lead booker's address. In some instances, collection from the ground on matchday may be required.


What happens if the lead booker's application was unsuccessful?

If a group application was submitted and the lead booker's application is unsuccessful, the ticket office team will make contact with the individuals whose applications were successful to arrange payment and ticket delivery.


What happens if the payment was unsuccessful?

In some instances, the ticket office will be unable to collect payment for away tickets, typically for the following reasons:

  • The lead booker was unsuccessful in their application
  • The attempted card payment failed
  • The system was unable to automatically allocate all requested seats together

Supporters whose payments fail will be contacted by the ticket office with a deadline by which to make payment. To complete the booking and make payment, these supporters should:

  • Log in to the e-ticketing site
  • Select the tickets which have been placed on reserve for the away fixture and submit payment
  • Upon receipt of payment, tickets will be dispatched by Royal Mail first-class post, though in some instances collection on matchday may be required

Supporters who are no longer able to attend the match do not need to take any further action as their reserved tickets will automatically be released after the deadline passes.


Can I submit a seating request?

Tickets are randomly allocated through a ballot system to those supporters whose applications were successful.

If you would like to be seated with another supporter, you must submit your application with theirs. 


I have access requirements

Each away ground offers dedicated accessible seating areas for wheelchair users and ambulant access supporters. The same application process as above applies, though there is a separate dedicated Access application for supporters registered on the Access scheme. Please see our Access Page for more information.


Can Premium Members apply for away tickets?

For information about applying for away tickets, Premium Members should see our Premium Application Away Ticket Guide.


When will my points be allocated?

After the payment has successfully been taken, points are typically allocated within 24 hours. More information available in the Ticketing Points article.


How are away tickets issued?

Away match tickets will be issued either as paper tickets or as Digital Tickets. Supporters will be advised at the point of application the format in which the tickets will be issued. However, to ensure the integrity of the allocation process is maintained, we shall encourage the use of digital away tickets at opposition stadiums wherever possible and increase the frequency of ticket audits, including in-person collection where appropriate.

Any supporters unable to use Digital Tickets when attending an Away match may be required to collect a physical paper ticket in person at the fixture venue.


What should I do if my ticket doesn't arrive?

Your ticket should arrive a few days before the game. If your ticket does not arrive by the time you depart for the away destination, or 48 hours before the game, you can contact the ticket office to request a replacement ticket. Please phone 0344 844 0102 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm) or message us and we will be able to investigate and arrange a duplicate ticket for collection if appropriate.


I am no longer able to attend the Away fixture - what can I do?

If you are unable to attend an away match once you have received your ticket, please fill out this form as soon as possible. This includes within the seven days prior to the match. We will make best endeavours to reallocate the ticket to another eligible supporter and issue you with a refund upon receipt of the ticket originally issued to you.


Can I purchase another supporter's away ticket if they are unable to attend?

No, away tickets may only be used by the supporter to whom they are allocated. If a supporter is unable to attend, they may contact us to discuss returning/refunding their ticket. They are not, however, permitted to sell their ticket to any other supporters.

Should any tickets be returned, the Club will contact supporters who previously applied for a ticket and just missed the points cut-off. This will be done in Ticketing Point order.




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